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  1. Email today from my UK travel agent received to say they are today sending full refund to my bank, given my request went t Seabourn on 26th March that’s goodness knows how many but let’s just call it ‘too many’ any way saga now over
  2. Hi all just a point or two on process, I am told my refund is to be paid within days (but who knows!!!) 1 does it go to my travel agent first 2 does it go direct to my bank account - did not pay on credit card 3 trips were refunded direct to my Visa card on which these were paid and email sent direct to me that day - seems like a few years ago now !!!! 4 for those who have had refunds did you get email notification 5 did you get an apology from Seabourn for the delay - only joking ! thanks will then rebook the same trip for n
  3. Hi can you add me to your list. booked Seabourn Quest sailing 5 April Manaus to Miami Emailed TA - SixStar - on 26 March opting for 100% cash refund excursions refunded within days emailed TA for update a week ago and was informed I would not hear anything before 26 June
  4. We join in Manaus on 5th and it’s already too late to cancel with fcc, if that were ever available to us British, so decision day for us is 3rd at a Heathrow car park, seems to me that it would be daft not to go as risk of getting this version of flu is much the same at home as it is abroad - keep calm everyone
  5. Could be we are on the same MANAUS to Miami cruise - I am 59 and 2/3 rds - had the YF jab yesterday - it has to be a case of take the advise or don’t do the trip in my opinion - and as you can see I’m still alive, today !
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