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  1. How much was the cab? And what beach was that to? We want to go to Arashi Beach and l know there are also buses..
  2. They add the 15% to the 49.95 a day but that is not much spread out per drink. They do not add any gratuity to the individual drinks. We just add a buck here and there to our favorite bar staff. They take good care of us:) The 15% per day is less than $8 per day. That's a very small tip per drink. And we usually tip 20% if we have good service anyways;) Sent from my iPhone using Forums mobile app
  3. When you buy the cheers program the wait staff are getting next to nothing on tips. We always tip on top of the cheers program and have great service. Sent from my iPhone using Forums mobile app
  4. Cucumber sunrise. Sent from my iPhone using Forums mobile app
  5. La mission Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. We have an inside guarantee room and I see whe got room 3103 and am concerned about the smell.... Anyone know if it is still a problem? Can I get a room change on a guaranteed room?
  7. Fish Eye pinot grigio is good.
  8. We just booked the Hilton downtown Tampa. It is very close to the pier but doesn't list if it has shuttle service to the pier. Does anyone know? Thanks!!;)
  9. Is the gratuity on the $49/:confused:day rate or on the actual drink costs when you get the drinks?
  10. We did many years ago. Just keep walking when u get off the ship. There are taxi drivers that you can pay a certain rate and they will take you wherever you want to go. There will also be people trying to sell you a tour also. I can't remember what we paid but it was a good rate and the taxi driver was great. His name was Garfield- wish we could get him when we are there in a few weeks.
  11. Make sure you see the blowholes. La Mission in town is a great place to eat. Coconut's- on the wild side of the island is fun. Just have the driver take u around the island. We were just there for 11 days and love it!!! Didn't see the ruins-- heard they weren' that great, but to each his own. The money Bar has a good place to go out and shore snorkel. Just know that most of the coral is gone frome the hurricane in 05. We did see a 3-4 ft barracuda right by the money bar!!
  12. The ship is just a large hotel--- U never get your alcohol taken away when you carry it to your hotel room. My guess is that people that bring alcohol into a hotel room will also purchase it at the hotel bar!! If they are like us~~~ So really if someone likes to drink and have a drink in their room or before dinner-- It SHOULD be their own business. Now--- if the cruise line would charge a fair rate for bonvoyage liters then we could do that. They rape you when you buy it that way... Cruising may not be our primary vacation anymore! Way too much hassle- it's so funny to me cause the "smugglers" I would bet spend more on alcohol on the ship than the non smugglers. Most smugglers still order their DOD and so on~~~ ;)
  13. Bon voyage Dept. charges 3 times normal prices-- this is like a floating hotel and when have we not been allowed to bring our bottle into our hotel room?!?!? The stress of it all--- why we have started doing all inclusive resorts on land... not because we don't like to cruise but because we can't afford to cruise if we can't bring some of our favorite dirinks on board. Funny to me caue most of the "smugglers" still spend more on alcohol than others. Even when we smuggle a floating bar we still by drinks on the ship. We stayed in Cozumel at an all inclusive and paid way less than a cruise and it even included all the alcohol~~ They just see another way of making $$$!! Maybe they should start charging for seconds on food for all the food lovers--- Just saying:rolleyes:
  14. Must be St. John!!!! Love the painkiller!!!
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