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  1. No email with your tickets, but if I remember they send you some form of paperwork (possibly contract) via email the same day. I would start checking on MyCosta by the end of November / early December.
  2. Not sure who you booked with, but if you booked directly with a Costa site I believe you have reserved your cabin and can cancel up to a couple of days before the cruise? If this is correct and you booked directly with Costa then you can cancel and rebook, and get the more favourable fare. I am happy to be corrected on this, though.
  3. Going on Costa on Tuesday, received my ticket just over a week ago. On Mycosta be sure to look under Mycruise your ticket will be there when they send it.
  4. All very interesting, it makes you wonder though. Taking the Costa Fascinosa as an example, the ship holds 3,780 guests and 1,110 crew. Rounding it up to 2,900 guests (no children just adults) that's €10 euros per guest per day in gratuities, that comes to €29,000 euros per day. Over 365 days in the year that's €10,585, 000 take per year, just in gratuities. Dividing the gratuities take by the number of staff that's €9,536 euros in tips for each staff member per year and that's before Costa pays them a wage. Taking into account that many customers also give their room stewards /bar tenders tips on top of the gratuities, one wonders just how poorly paid these crew are in reality.
  5. Just received the cruise ticket through email, happy days. Thanks all.
  6. Thanks for the answers. This morning I was able to print off the boarding pass, so at least I know that everything is in motion, so to speak. If by Tuesday I still haven't received the cruise ticket I will give them a call, although I have already sent them a email.
  7. Does the cruise line charge you for a replacement card if you loose the original?
  8. I am doing Barcelona to Rio with Costa on 19 November, I have a inside guaranteed cabin booked, but how does this work? Last year I did the same cruise but had booked a balcony cabin and had room number and ticket to hand, and when I arrived at the port you queued up first and handed over your luggage with the room number tagged on, then proceeded to go into the terminal at Barcelona. I have just checked with My Costa and the ticket for this cruise is coming back as not available at this time. Does this mean that the nobody is able to get their tickets yet or have they been issued to all without a guaranteed cabin. Do you get a ticket sent to you before the cruise if you have a guaranteed cabin or are the tickets given to you when you arrive at the port? I have even read, don't know if its correct, that you can get you're room allocated to you when you are on the ship, if this is correct what happens to your luggage when you arrive at the port? I think I am a little worried that, without a ticket, I turn up at the port to be told that there is a problem and I am not booked on this cruise. Anybody know what the procedure is with guaranteed cabins on Costa, Regards.
  9. Thanks, just out of interest does the cost of drinks packages fluctuate like the cost of cabins? For instance if not many people sign up to the packages, does the cost of the drinks package come down nearer the cruise start date or are they always static prices?
  10. Last year I did Barcelona to Buenos Aires on Fascinosa with the Brindiamo package. At the end of the cruise I must have had around 6 / 8 glasses of beer. in total. For me the package was a waste of money. This year I am doing the same cruise and was thinking of just paying for each beer as I buy it. Does anybody know the price of a glass of beer on board? I cant find a price list on their web site. They do a beer only package for around 95 euros which again seems rather expensive to me as I am not a heavy drinker, thanks.
  11. I have just booked a 17 day (solo) transatlantic from Barcelona to Rio De Janeiro on the Costa Fascinosa, in a inside cabin for just 678 euros ($750) and that includes taxes. Did this cruise last year and stayed on until Buenos Aires, if I remember you paid 10 euros a day for tips at the end of the cruise. Seems like a pretty good bargain to me. 899 euros window 1,094 euros balcony Those are solo prices for this November. https://www.costacruceros.es/cruises/BCN08137/FS16191119.summary.html
  12. Wow, happy days. Just tried Costa again, and they are now allowing me to book solo. I have just booked a 17 day transatlantic from Barcelona to Rio De Janeiro on the Costa Fascinosa, in a inside cabin for just 678 euros ($750) and that includes taxes. Did this cruise last year and stayed on until Buenos Aires, if I remember you paid 10 euros a day for tips at the end of the cruise. Seems like a pretty good bargain to me. https://www.costacruceros.es/cruises/BCN08137/FS16191119.summary.html
  13. Thanks for the replies. On Friday I emailed Costa regarding this ……………. I am trying to book a costa cruise from either Barcelona or Savona to Rio De Janeiro this November on your site.I will be travelling solo, however when I try to book it keeps coming back that the rooms are not available. If I try to book for 2 people all the rooms from internal to balconies are available. I did this cruise with Costa last November and did not have any problems booking as a solo traveller. Have Costa banned solo travellers or am I doing something wrong on your site? I have tried to book with various costa sites in Spain, UK and America and they all seem to be the same, rooms available for 2 people but not available for 1 person. Regards I received a rather speedy response from Costa today...………………. Dear GeraldThank you for the email.It could be that there are no cabins sellable with single use right now, sometimes it happens if the ship's supervisor wants to sell at the correct occupancy of the cabin.Please call us at 08003890622 every now and then in order to check if something changesThank youBest regards Simona Cruise Expert. World Wide New Channels & Commercial Operations UK & North-Eastern Europe Costa Crociere S.p.A Piazza Piccapietra, 48 - 16121 Genova - Italyhttp://www.costacruise.com ; http://www.costacruises.co.uk 0039 0104206099 08003890622 ( UK ) Share capital Euro 344,314,467.00 - Tax code/Genova Commercial Register n. 02545900108 Registered office: Costa Crociere S.p.A. - Piazza Piccapietra, 48 - 16121 Genova - Italy
  14. Some of the fares on that site just don't add up at times, though. Solo MSC Sau Paulo to Rome inside cabin $2.233 on Cruise Plum, however when you click through to the site the inside cabin is $3.996.40
  15. Last November I travelled solo on Costa from Barcelona to Buenos Aires and loved it. I want to do the same again this year. There are a number of options as to where to board the ship in the Med and alight in South America. I have tried to book through their website and every option travelling solo from inside to balcony rooms comes back that the rooms are not available. When I put in the options for 2 people travelling all the rooms are available to book. I did not have this problem booking last year and was wandering if Costa don't want solo travellers or am I doing something wrong. I have tried the various Costa sites in Europe, America and they seem to be working in tandem. https://www.costacruises.com/cruises/BCN18005/PA18201114.html
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