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  1. I think most lines including the luxury lines are dropping prices significantly in a attempt to get consumers to part with their money now. Many of the cruises advertised in the next couple of months will not sail, but its better for the cruise lines to get your money into their bank account now. If the cruise is cancelled they will have a better chance of getting you to rebook a future cruise if you have already paid up. Many cruises in late 2022 and 2023 have significant rises in their fares, but if this situation continues those prices will fall of a cliff nearer the time. For solo travellers there are defiantly bargains to be had at the present time, but its a risk parting with your money, as its debatable if the cruise of your choice, in the next few months will actually sail.
  2. If your finances said yes, would you do a world cruise, travelling solo? The longest i have done solo on a cruise is 21 days. I was just looking at a well known site (sea scxxxxx) and window shopping some of their prices. Oceania have a 180 day world cruise for just 50,000euros, and that's in a balcony. Costa 30,000euros in a balcony, for their world cruise. And many more cheaper options if travelling solo in a inside cabin. The prices, although bank busting seems to me to be very reasonable. Has anybody done a world cruise, travelling solo?
  3. Can you not get the bank details of the cruise line and transfer the money over directly from your bank account, without any card involvement?
  4. I have a TA with Costa in December sailing from Barcelona to Guadeloupe, including a stop in Martinique. The authorities last week closed both Guadeloupe and Martinique ports to cruise ships until the middle of January. Costa have said nothing yet and are still selling this cruise on their website. Cruises: "There will be no season in the West Indies this winter" (tourmag.com)
  5. Lines like Costa allow you to smoke on their balconies, smokers may pay a premium, non smokers may want to stay clear. Swings and roundabouts.
  6. Cannot say for certain, but if i remember rightly (its a long time ago) i was reimbursed for flights and the cruise. Although i am British and i live on a Spanish island, i booked through Costa UK. There are consumer laws in the UK which Costa has to adhere to, for those booking through their UK site. Terms and conditions are different in every country and i think Costa and other cruise lines have to adhere to the laws set in the country you booked in, not where the cruise line is based.
  7. So lets say your cruise starts in Southampton on the 1st February. Your first 2 days are at Sea then you arrive in a port in Portugal. The day you arrive in Portugal is day 1 of your 90, not the first 2 days at sea. You then spend a couple of days at sea heading towards the Canary Islands, these days at sea are counted towards your 90 days. If your cruise ends in, lets say Gran Canaria on day 12, and you fly back to the UK on the same day, your passport will be stamped and you will have used up 10 days of your 90. If you fly back to the UK 2 days after the cruise you will have used up 12 days of your 90.
  8. What is the biggest dealbreaker for you? Masks Testing Bubble excursions Int travel with testing If they got rid of one of the above that would get you back on a ship, which would it be?
  9. It seems that this "pent up demand" has gone with the wind as far as cruises is concerned. Watching Dons Family Vacations (he is a TA so knows the lie of the land) on Youtube yesterday, he was saying that many cruise lines were slashing prices by double figures to try and get customers on board their ships. It seems that most people do not want to go cruising due to all the testing involved, the mask wearing, can only leave the ship with a cruise excursions and other rules. And thats before all the airline / airport rules. I was reading some CC members who have just come of some ships and was surprised to read one who said that there was so few customers on board his ship, it was hard to strike up a conversation with fellow cruisers. I had a 2 week Med cruise booked with Costa from the 24th of this month and it was cancelled, 2 weeks ago. As well as the option of FCC and transferring the cruise to next year at the same price, i was also offered a free cruise of my choice (same number of days or less) and only had to pay port fees. I have another cruise booked with Costa in December, its a TA from Barcelona to Guadeloupe. The way thing are, i am hoping this cruise gets cancelled until next year. If you have a cruise lined up for this year, are you on your way or are you going to bail and wait it out?, are you hoping the cruise line cancels? As much as i like cruising, it seems to me that with so many rules in force and many ships sailing with so few customers on board, this is not my idea of cruising and i will wait it out until next year, and hope for the best. Whats your opinion on the current state of cruising.
  10. The kids club is called Squok Club. I seem to remember they used the night club during the day on Costa Fascinosa for a lot of these activities. Squok Club | Costa Cruises
  11. This is Costa, if you have the money, they will sell you the ship you are on, but you will have to pay for the water the ship floats on, separately. Seriously though, you can buy photo packages, drink packages, excursion packages and more. Once you have booked your cruise you will be sent a reference number and link to online shopping for the cruise. If you purchase any items you will be charged on the ship, you dont need your cc when purchasing the items. Dont have kids, so cannot help with your other queries. I will also advise you not to pay any more than the deposit at this stage as Costa, like other cruise lines are cancelling certain cruises. Also if you are booking hotels and flights, check that you can cancell them and get your money back if Costa cancel the cruise.
  12. What cruise are you on? I had email giving me boarding time for cruise on 24th Sep. A couple of days later, another email telling me that the cruise is cancelled. Hope it goes for you.
  13. Are you saying staff can rig the machine beforehand, if they new which machine was to be used?
  14. So my cruise on the 24th of this month, a round Mediteeranean trip on the Costa Diadima from Barcelona, has just been cancelled, yet again. I have just received this email from Costa. As well as the usual rebook options with some obc, they are now offering a free cruise as compensation. I have booked hotel and flighs, but i can cancel them, praise the lord. This is the email they have just sent. Genoa 3rd September 2021 Costa Diadema – Cruise of 24/09/2021 Booking: 27---------60 Mr----------------- Dear Guest, After the awaited restart of our cruises in the Mediterranean we are continuing with our program of resumption of operations in strict dialogue with governments and health authorities and trying to make sure the most updated measures are properly taken into consideration to drive our decision-making process and such measures are therefore reflected in the decisions we take. To this purpose you may have surely got knowledge about the latest Ministry of Health order, which unfortunately does not lift most of the precautionary measures for certain specific countries, including Turkey. As you can appreciate, our priority is to ensure our guests with a safe, serene, and memorable holiday experience and rigorous application of health protocols at all destinations visited by our scheduled itineraries. As a result, according to the latest provisions issued by the relevant health authorities confirming the restrictions and limitations on movement to certain destinations, we regretfully inform you that the cruise you booked on Costa Diadema has been cancelled as the planned itinerary cannot be operated. Nevertheless, as we do not want you to miss a cruise with Costa, we would like to offer you some alternatives we present you here below: 1. Move your cruise on the same Itinerary program of the cancelled cruise from September to November 2022, maintaining the same price or the best available if lower; 2. Move your cruise on any other departure on 2022 at new price with a complimentary onboard credit of £ 100,00 (up to a maximum of GBP 200.00 in case of two adults per cabin) In addition to one of these options, we would like to give you as a compensation, a free cruise of your choice with a departure from October to December 2021 (Xmas and New Year excluded) with the same category and the occupancy of the cruise cancelled according to the availability. The reservation has to be done within 15/10/2021 in Basic tariff. Port charges and any additional service or transportation will be at your charge. Should you prefer instead not to move your cruise, Costa is ready to refund the amount paid within the terms of the law and compatibly with the technical time necessary to process the request. Please write an email to info@uk.costa.it and in case of payment by bank transfer, we invite you to send us also your bank details to (Iban code, name of the bank, beneficiary of the Current Account and BIC code), otherwise the refund will be made on the credit card used. Alternatively, in case you prefer to take your time to consider which of our future departures would be of most interest to you, we will offer you a future cruise credit equal to the amount already collected by Costa. In this case, we kindly ask you to send the request at the address info@uk.costa.it within the 20/09/2021. The credit will be usable within 18 months from its creation and gives right to an on-board credit of £ 100,00 (up to a maximum of GBP 200.00 in case of two adults per cabin). We thank you for your understanding and hope to welcome you on board very soon. Best regards. Costa Cruises
  15. On the Costa Fascinosa there is also a smoking bar inside the ship. Dont know about the others in the fleet.
  16. Hi Mary, i think it will go, i am booked on this from Marseille to Guadeloupe for 21 nights. I am also booked on the Diadema round trip from Barcelona on the 24th September. I am unable to put details into My Costa, it says up to 3 days before boarding you will get all the paperwork, i have done Costa before and it was around the 2 week mark before boarding, that you could add details and get all the paperwork. I did get a email yesterday telling me that i had to be at the gate at 14.00 hours to board. As for Guadeloupe, i have checked on My Costa and i can book tours at all the ports. Once at Guadeloupe i will remain on board for another week and sail around the Caribbean and return to Guadeloupe, again i can book all the tours in this section of the cruise. I would not recommend booking tours for this cruise, this far out. I will not even book air fairs until nearer the time.
  17. Thanks for that, although i am British i live on Gran Canaria a Spanish Island and have Spanish residency, so not to worried.
  18. For your information, this is the updated Costa Cancellation policy found on the UK website. TERMS AND CONDITIONS For cruises booked from 23/07/2021 to 31/08/2021 supposed to depart with Costa Deliziosa, Costa Firenze, Costa Luminoso, Costa Smeralda from 01/08/2021 to 30/09/2021 in All—Inclusive and Basic fares, you may cancel your cruise free of charge up to 48 hours before departure ("Cancellation period"). For other fare types booked until 30/09/2021, on board other Fleet’s ships, you can cancel free of charge up to 15 days before departure. For cruises booked from 27/09/2020 to 22/07/2021 on cruises with a departure date within 31/03/2022 (excluding the World Cruise), whatever the fare type, you can cancel your cruise free of charge up to 15 days before departure ( Cancellation period"). For cruises booked from 23/07/2021 to 30/09/2021 with a departure date before 31/05/2022, which do not fall under the above case of letter a., for any type of fare (excluding the World Cruise), you may cancel your cruise free of charge up to 15 days before departure ("Cancellation period"). For other cruises, not mentioned above in lett. a, b, c, the Company will apply the standard cancellation fees as set out in Article 7 of Terms&Conditions. In the above cases, if the cruise is cancelled within the Cancellation Period, the standard cancellation fees ( Penalties") will be waived on cruise fares, drinks packages, service charges and insurance (for Fly & Cruise solutions with PROMO flights and other services not mentioned above, any Penalties will remain payable by the Customer, in accordance with Articles 4.1 and 7 of our General Terms and Conditions). In this case, you may alternatively request: to postpone the date of departure of the cruise, by calling the Contact Centre at + or contacting your Travel Apency; or the issue by Costa Cruises of a credit for the purchase of a future cruise ("Voucher")with a value equal to the amount collected by the Company for the cruise fee, beverage packages, service fees and insurance; or a full refund of the payment of the cruise fare, beverage packages, service charges and insurance; The Voucher will be in the name of the Client (first passenger to hold the booking) and can be used to purchase a new cruise with return by 30/04/2022. At the Customer's request, if unused, the value of the Voucher will be refunded within 45 days of the request. For cruise cancellation requests made after the Cancellation Deadlines, the Penalties as per art.7 of our General Terms and Conditions will apply. A prerequisite for the issue of the voucher is that a 25% deposit is paid at least 60 days before departure and the booking is paid at least 30 days before departure. Please note that it is the responsibility of passengers to obtain the necessary travel documents in accordance with the requirements of the Customs and Immigration Department. Passengers without the correct travel documents will not be allowed to board and will not be reimbursed for their journey. Any variations in the cost of air transport (if applicable), the cost of ship fuel, rights and taxes on services included in the package will be communicated at the latest 20 days before the date fixed for departure, as indicated in the pre—contractual information and in the General Conditions. In the case of flight + cruise package purchase, class W for Alitalia corresponds to Premium. CANCELLATION POLICY The booking cancelation can be made autonomously on Costa extra: If the Customer wishes to chanpe the date of departure, the operation must be carried out through the Contact Center without autonomously cancelling the reservation. If the Customer accepts the voucher for a future cruise, it will be generated automatically following the cancellation of the Costa extra booking and will be visible within 7 days in the Costa extra "My Customers area". If the Customer wishes to be reimbursed, the request can be made by e-mail to the address of the credit department of reference
  19. The 5 tours for a special price are called Passpartour. It seems you have to have booked a cruise on certain dates to get this. If you book a cruise now on the UK site you will be able to book them. I have a 15 night cruise on Diadema in September, its a round trip from Barcelona via Istanbul, i have so far booked 2 tours and have been charged the full price, as this is a Med cruise, not one of the tours is to a beach. As we are not allowed to leave the ship unless on a Costa tour, to me this is just wrong. I will give them a ring this week to confirm this. I dont mind the masks but the tours and having to use the MDR for all meals does not sit well with me. I will go on this cruise but if it is too regimented, i will cancel my TA from Barcelona to Guadeloupe in December.
  20. Off in a couple of weeks on a 15 night round trip on Costa Diadema from Barcelona, via Istanbul. Not to worried about wearing masks on board, but you cannot leave the ship unless you are on a official ship excursion. Not one of the excursions on this sailing is to a beach, which is a big downer. Also, not to keen on meals in the MDR only, much prefer the buffet. I will test this cruise out and if its not to my liking, i have a TA with Costa from Barcelona to Guadeloupe in December, which i will cancel.
  21. Dont think it will matter. If the buffet is closed many people will be in the MDR in jeans and t shirts on the mass market lines, on a daily basis.
  22. Thanks all, i will purchise via internet, as i think it costs more to buy on the ship.
  23. On board credit, can you use it to purchase excursions on board?
  24. If you are flying home to another country after a cruise, how do you get tested? If cruise customers are going to be stranded because they have no test at the end of the cruise, they simply wont spend thousands of dollars on a cruise in the first place, its a PR disaster in the making.
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