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  1. dhaza

    No more major television stations

    I wonder how this is going to affect the payoffs. i always enjoyed watching them in one of the bars.
  2. dhaza

    Chemical Packs for Cold Packs

    We called and the lady says they are not on the "Can't Carry On Board List" but it will be up to person check the luggage will have to make the finial call. Great....
  3. I have a bad back and normally travel with chemical packs that when activated turn into cold packs. I plan to put them in my check bag for my Jan 6th(Freedom) and Jan 12th(Breeze) cruises. I starting thinking will even allow these on the ship. Anyone know?
  4. dhaza

    Themed nights on the freedom

    I remember them on the RCCL, we went to roaring 20's night dressed a gangsters and empty bottle of Vodka that look like a tommy gun. I have never seen on Carnival. but I wish they would.
  5. dhaza

    FTTF option?

    I have a bad back and can't stand in long lines so either I pull the handicap card or buy FTTF. I would rather purchase FTTF rather than have ship employee wheel me around in wheel chair when they could be helping others that need help more than I do.
  6. dhaza

    Buy bottled water before cruise?

    I'm with you - I don't even like the taste of the tap water in Galveston much less on the boat.
  7. The last cruise I was on out of Galveston port we were held up with fog and could enter the port and we didn't dock till 1:00 and didn't get off the ship till about 3:45. People boarding didn't leave till the next morning since the port was fogged in that evening and didn't clear till morning the next day. So you never know!
  8. Calories don't count unless they are consumed within your home zip code - at least that's what my wife tells me.:D
  9. I thought you couldn't bring on or purchase on ship hard alcohol for use in your cabin. I was under the impression that the only alcohol you are allowed to carry on and have in your cabin is one bottle of wine per person. Has this changed?
  10. I purchase it because I had back surgery and just can't take the chance of doing a lot of standing in line. I'm fine if all all I have to do is walk from the parking lot to the ship/ waiting area. I could pull the handicap card and get wheel chair but I really don't need one with FTTF.
  11. We were just informed that boarding will not start till 4:30 at the earliest
  12. Doug. It due in around 12 noon.
  13. Update. Now we have to add four hours to our check in time and warned do not get there early since there's limited space to wait for your check in time.
  14. I just got off the Freedom today and leaving on the Magic tomorrow. We arrived at 10:20 and the sidewalk in front of the terminal was packed to point that it was hard to drop off luggage and make back to the entrance was almost impossible. If you walked in the street the cops yelled at you and there was still people getting off trying to get cabs across the street. We had FTTF and we entered though priority boarding and was split of into special line just for FTTF with no one in line to get check-in , there were probably 50 to 100 platinum and diamonds in a separate line waiting to check in. We boarded about 11:15. After getting in the terminal it was fast but ones standing out side we're not a happy bunch and hotel shuttles were adding to the crowds by the bus loads.
  15. I guess they are going to enforce staggered check and we have been informed to add three and half hours to our check in time. That means my 10:30 is now 2:00 check-in. I guess it makes sense because they can't fit 3000 plus people in that small waiting area. If everything ran smooth, life would be boring and we wouldn't have anything to grip about.