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  1. Yes we did get snacks. Not everyday. The breakfast and lunch at La Cucina was fantastic. The concierge would walk around those times to see if he could help with anything.
  2. Yes there is a charge for room service in concierge. I was just on the last sailing, off on March 15th.
  3. Just got off the Joy yesterday. The crew did not know about all ships being grounded until Saturday of our cruise. Most of them we talked to were staying on the boat. Our cruise was full. They told us early in the week that they were only expecting 2000 for the one leaving the 15th, then it was canceled with the rest 2 days later.
  4. Not on this cruise. Haven left the regular line before security, but in the same tent.
  5. The temp scans were quick. They did not let anyone go through the security area until a little after 10am. A lot of people were still getting off the ship when we arrived. The counters for your cards were extremely slow and not enough workers.
  6. No the area is not. Go all the way to the end and it is a single line (no weaving) labeled priority access. When done checking in there is a seating area for you. Nothing special, but not congested.
  7. Got here at 945. Line for security was almost to the end of the block but moved fast when open. Boarding number 5. We are in the concierge line and it took 20 minutes. The regular lines are taking forever. The line next to us has had about 20 people helped in 30 minutes. The group in teal to the left still has not been helped at 40 minutes.
  8. We will be getting on the Joy next week in San Pedro. Our ship leaves at 3pm. I have read that there is a big bottle neck trying to get through screening. I am staying in long beach the night before, so can be at the port early. What is a good time to get there? We are in the concierge class, how does that affect boarding?
  9. I have googled it. Just looking for any recommendations.
  10. I get off a cruise on the Joy on a Sunday in San Pedro. My flight doesn't leave until 6pm. Is there a good beach/pool hotel that people would recommend for a day pass or any other good ideas to kill time?
  11. Thank you for your post, I have been looking for info on the Mexican Rivera cruise on the Joy. I am going on the Joy in March. Do you or anyone have any MDR and Local dining menus for each night? I did see the theme or special at the Local in the dailies.
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