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  1. I called my TA for a decrease in price, feeling a bit embarrassed that it was a small amount. However, in the end, I picked up onboard credit that I was unaware of. My TA said to always call for a decrease, regardless of amount!
  2. If it's a substantial amount of savings, I would call your TA's backup. That person should be able to pull up your reservation, call RCL and obtain the new pricing. It wouldn't hurt to send them a screen shot as well. I've done this in the past when my TA was out of the office. Like others have stated, pricing can change quickly -- good luck!
  3. Thanks for such a wonderful thread. I looked forward to each and every update! We'll be on the Allure November 14th -- when do you sail her in November?
  4. I agree @Ourusualbeach -- I didn't want to sound petty recently, calling for a small price reduction. However, once completed, I gained an additional $50 onboard credit. It was worth it, and the difference is better in my pocket than their pocket!
  5. I've had a nasal swab test and it was no big deal -- not painful. People imagine it's worse than it really is.
  6. My husband and I are both fully vaccinated and have three Royal cruises scheduled (Nov, Dec and May). However, there's no factual evidence behind Bayley's statement. Even if it was deducted from various surveys, that's still just hear say. No one has to be truthful when completing a survey -- they can say whatever they want. I still hope cruising can safely begin again -- bon voyage!
  7. Even if one bedroom goes unused, each of you can have your own bathroom -- enjoy! My husband and I have a 2-bedroom suite reserved in May 2022 in the Med 🙂
  8. Hello @nanatutu, my husband and I will also be on the sailing 😊
  9. Thank you, but we both know deck plans aren't always updated or correct. For example, the Odyssey deck plan doesn't have the Coastal Kitchen labeled:
  10. The pictures are of the Suite Lounge and Coastal Kitchen, not the Diamond Lounge on 11/12.
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