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  1. I do apologize for not responding earlier. Thank you so much for the picture. I will let the Queen know. Again, sorry for the delay.
  2. We are booked on Seaside and I like to travel with plug-in style air fresheners for our room. We've sailed on RC Liberty and the ones from Bath and Body worked well, but then took them on RC Harmony and the outlets were sideways with shelving on top so they wouldn't work. Will they work on Seaside?
  3. I appreciate your replies. Good to know that both sides get the view. Up top sounds good to me, but if it's under 90*, the Queen thinks it's freezing out (she picked Alaska so it's not my fault). We'll try for an aft room. We've tried for aft on Caribbean cruises and they were already gone by the time we got to booking. Yeah, booking early is best I know, but have to work around other schedules ya know. Thanks to all of you, and have a Blessed day.
  4. Looking at Holland America in Alaska in September. This will be my Brides' first time to Alaska (I've been there before). Which side of the ship will be best for viewing the glaciers as will row by? Thank you all.
  5. Thanks for the show schedule posting. We were on Harmony last year. Again, thank you.
  6. Following. At some point, can you post what the live shows are this year on Liberty? Looking to going in October. Thank you, have fun!
  7. Just to hijack my own thread, thoughts about MSC compared to R/C?
  8. Mattb31, your point of there being some on the R/C threads that scoff at Carnival is the very reason I posted here. I knew from the get go there would probably be some diehard loyalists. All of you above seem to lean toward R/C, but you have spoken about Carnival in a more sincere way. As a hot rodder, I am all about my Chevelle, and most other GM vehicles. I do like some Fords and a very few Mopars. My associate Pastor is GM & Ford, where our associate Pastor's father is a Mopar guy, and we have blast ribbin' each other over it. It's not one is better (chevelles are😎), it's merely personal preference. Ya'll have given me your personal preference while at the same time not coming out with anti-Carnival. I thank you for that. Gotta git now and go see which of the two Carnival cruises I may enjoy more. Thank you everyone for answering. And let me also thank anyone now that post after this one.
  9. After 25yrs, my Queen finally got me on a ship, in water over my head, when we booked a Disney cruise in 2012, with our son. Now it's just the two of us, so we took to Royal Caribbean in '17 & '18. Liberty then Harmony. We loved it, (or should I say I loved it). The Queen turned me, wouldn't ya know. We are looking for a cruise this year, and unlike previous years, the date is set in stone. In October. With that, about the only ones coming up in the allotted time is a couple of Carnival cruises. We have been told that Carnival cruises typically are...party barges, loud music and/or guests, overrun by kids, as well as being full of drunks that lose their liquor in the hallways. For those that normally sail R/C, but have sailed Carnival at least once, what is your opinion? Is it as stated above? I understand every cruise taken, even within the same line, can be totally different from trip to trip. We prefer to relax, have at least some peace and quiet, and able to find entertainment on ship that is not totally a kid activity, nor a 'mature audience only' entertainment. We do not drink or gamble, so those are moot points. Ships in question are Freedom and Magic into the Caribbean if it makes a difference. Please let me know your opinions using R/C as the standard, so I can make an informed decision. Thank you so much for your help.
  10. MicCanberra & Gwendy, thats where my OP meant to go. Calliopecruiser, if you do not know, a CCW is concealed carry weapon.
  11. If I were paranoid, I wouldn't leave home. If I were worried, I wouldn't board a ship going to foreign countries. In Missouri, I prepare for tornadoes. I listened/heeded storm alerts for years. My father-n-law had some of the same comments as above about being paranoid, etc. But just a few yrs ago, a twister missed our home by 1200ft. Missed my inlaws by half that. Guess who got a weather radio, and considered a storm shelter till he passed. My questions are my attempts to keep my family as safe as possible, if by nothing more than knowledge. Do you check safety ratings on potential new vehicles? Do you check locations of EXITS in case of fire or other emergency evacuations? Do you have a CCW? All the same. And yes, I agree, the possibility of some terrorist attack upon such a target may be very slim, but not impossible. Just think, how many of us would have thought September 11, 2001 would have happened as it did? Please continue. I found the hiring of retired Israeli military the most interesting this far.
  12. Wow. Thank you all for putting the wandering mind to ease. I know deep down I knew security, especially at sea, would be good, but it's just one of them things ya know. I really appreciate all the different pcs of info, I had no idea! I'l have to watch more closely on the next trip while entering/leaving the ports. And yes, JB, guns under the waterslides were in jest. They're really under the swimming pools 🤫 Again, thanks folks. Now to get that October trip booked.
  13. Thank you all for your responses. As for the couch thing, I'll just behave myself so I won't need it....just in case 😘
  14. Thank you. We have not used room service and don't plan to. It was nice to know about the chance of an upgrade.
  15. Maybe this has been discussed but I missed it. If so, I apologize up front. I wanted to be in security/law enforcement up till my 20's. I'm 53 now. God had other plans, so I am not in that field. But, it's still a big passion of mine. Now that I've put that out there, on with my questions. I'm positive the questions will make some nervous from "never thought of that" to I have an "alternative" reason for asking. I also know, for security reasons, any answers to the questions could be very generic because the real answer does not need to be in the public eye. I'm not seeking specific information, but I would like enough information to calm the mind. My Queen and I have cruised once on Disney and twice on Royal Caribbean. We are looking at different cruiselines for this year. I have never seen any official security aboard the ships. I know they are there, and I'm sure they have special training and weapons needed for a violent onboard incident. Am I correct? Or is security simply there for the occasional disruptive guest or crime? This next question is what concerns me most. When at port, whether on day one or at the various destinations, the ships are relatively safe. But what about when at sea? Cruising the Caribbean, Cuba, Bahamas, etc, ships are close enough to land masses for smaller sea going vessels to come up to the ships. Small aircraft especially could reach a ship. Have the cruiselines taking any recourses to thwart an at sea attack? Are cruise ships prepared for a physical attack from sea or air, and are they prepared for a potential "boarding"? By sea, a potential threat could be identified early, hopefully early enough. The height of the ships side would make boarding difficult, but not impossible. Aircraft gives a whole other threat level though. Cruiseship cannot defend agaist that unless there are deck guns under the waterslides. I hope I am not asking a potentially unanswerable question, but for security reasons I understand. Thank you.
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