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  1. Thanks for the useful info!! That may very well be true! For the record...I don't think ANYONE is claiming the cruise line doesn't have the right to change cruises/itineraries, of course they do. The POINT is, I booked a cruise strictly based on itinerary, period. AND this is 9 months before the cruise, not DURING the cruise. I paid my deposit on a product. Now the cruise line changed the itinerary. The product has changed.. Those that booked that changed itinerary should be allowed to cancel without penalty.
  2. Thanks for the info everyone! I understand all about cruise contracts...this is my 20th cruise. Thank you. I have had itineraries changed before....usually DURING the cruise for an event unforeseen, usually weather related. Stopping at Virgin Gorda was THE reason for this cruise....I've never known of any larger cruise ship stopping here, hence booking a cruise aboard this smaller/30 year old ship. "To improve your vacation experience, we've replaced our visit to Virgin Gorda with Tortula..." I didn't ask for an "improvement". I supposed o
  3. Have Empress of the Seas booked and have for quite a while. The MAIN draw for this cruise was it was going to two ports we have not been to, Puerto Plata AND Virgin Gorda. So got a notice yesterday that Virgin Gorda had been scratched and Tortula was substituted in its place. I've been to Tortula and really wasn't interested in going back. So what recourse to I have? Of course this cruise was booked with a no-refund deposit. Can I now cancel the cruise and have the deposit refunded to me? Can I change cruises to a DIFFERENT Royal Caribbean cruise with no change fee? I'm afra
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