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    Of course they are going to tell you that. I used vouchers on different ships
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    Wrinkled Clothing

    We took backpacks for our last trip as we were in Europe for 3 weeks, we rolled all of our shirts and pants and put them in large ziplock bags it worked like a charm.
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    Boarding times in Genoa

  4. Cullyman15

    Boarding times in Genoa

    Not sure but I hope your not departing in Genoa, it was complete chaos !!!
  5. Cullyman15

    Room service seaside Bella experience

    You don't have to pay the $3.95 every morning. You can go to the Buffet or Dining Room and get it yourself or upgrade your experience
  6. We just returned from our 11 night cruise aboard MSC Orchestra. Over all we were pleased with the cruise and found the value for what we paid to be very good. We had an inside cabin with the Bella experience. Embarkation: We boarded in Warnemunde Germany and there was a line up for about 20 mins, we only had backpacks so luggage was not an issue. Ship: The ship over all was very clean and spacious with lots of lounges, we found some of the staff struggled with English but we were expecting this as we have only previously sailed in the Carribean out of the US. The ships Officers did not interact with the passengers very much not that they have too to but the occasional hello would have been nice. Food: Overall we found the food to be good to very good with most meals and service in the MDR on the very good side. Food in the buffet was good with a variety of dishes each day, the produce was especially good. The buffet was extremely busy at times and finding a table proved difficult, they did not seem prepared or organized at times to handle the amount of diners. An example of this is the ship arriving in port at 1300, they should have known that most of the 3000 passengers were going to have lunch before leaving the ship and closing one half of the buffet line was not a good idea. My wife and I were told to go to the dining room for lunch because the buffet was "full". We are not very picky but having to do this was a pain in the ass, we had to choose from a significantly reduced buffet selection or sit down and order off a menu which neither really impressed us. Not to mention we were not really wearing dining room attire as we were planning to head ashore. Entertainment: The entertainment was good with a variety of acts throughout the cruise, however one of the things we found odd was that we only laid eyes on the cruise director when she appeared on the stage before and after each evening show. We never saw her even once anywhere on the ship, not even in passing. Another odd thing was on the last night as is customary the Captain said a few words, he was bashing the larger ships in the MSC fleet while trying to sell his smaller sized ship, we appreciated his love of his ship but found it odd for him to speak ill of is employers larger ships. Perhaps this was a language thing but it just sounded odd. Ports: The Ports were all interesting but it would have been nice to know that we were going to have to pay for a bus/shuttle service in 2 of the Ports, this should have been communicated earlier so that passengers had a choice to sign up for an excursion since you are paying for a ride into the city anyway. Disembarkation: We disembarked in Genoa Italy and it was complete chaos when we got off the ship. There were so many passengers wanting taxis and in typical fashion in Europe there are no rules for Queing, passengers were pushing their way into the front of the line with luggage carts and there was no staff from the ship or port authority to assist it was everyman for himself. This could have been easily avoided with a couple of staff and a simple barrior line for a queue.I can tell you this sort of behaviour would not be tolerated in North America but seems quite normal in some places in Europe. Happy to answer any questions
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    MSC Drink Coupons

    Not true riclop we have been over this topic several times. I for one have used drink coupons that I purchased from someone and was also given other coupons on my sail on Seaside which I then gave to someone that used them. Not to mention the countless other cruisers on here that have made the same claim. For some reason you are bothered by the fact that some people are getting and using other peoples coupons. Not sure why but you should reflect on this.
  8. Not in advance but you can have your TA call and find out or you can call MC yourself, I have done this and they told me what they were for our cruise.
  9. What ship were you on that was turning people away that "weren't dressed properly"? Also can you elaborate on what they were or were not wearing? I can say for certainty that there were a large number of men wearing shorts in the MDR at dinner on MSC Seaside which goes back to my point that there doesn't seem to be consistency within the Fleet or even the staff onboard any particular ship. To be clear here I am not defending the wearing of shorts in the MDR I am only pointing out the obvious.
  10. Cullyman15

    No more Drinks On Us promotion on Seaside?

    MSC has their quirks and they can certainly improve in their communication and IT Departments but IMO they have the best bang for the buck right now I ( in the Carribean anyway)
  11. The "Rules" on MSC are no different then most other cruise lines when it comes to dinner wear. I can tell you first hand that I sailed on MSC Seaside and there were plenty of men wearing shorts in the MDR. The dress is suggested at best and while most men wear long pants there are those like yourself that choose to wear shorts to dinner, at the end of the day as long as they aren't cut off jean shorts who cares. The only issue I have with the dress police is consistency
  12. The subj is being offered on our upcoming cruise on MSC Orchestra for $21 USD. Can anyone tell what if any choice you have in the selection? Specifically, my wife likes Pinot Grigio and would be disappointed if she couldn't get that. We understand it's a $21 bottle of wine but she would still prefer a choice.
  13. Cullyman15

    Guarantee Cabins on MSC

    Do I understand you correctly that you have already sailed earlier this year on Meraviglia and were upgraded to YC and received all the YC perks? or is that sailing still to happen?
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    Convince me, please.....

    All of the other positive threads on here about MSC.
  15. Cullyman15

    Cruise msc orchestra

    Susana, With all do respect if you are going to post things that MSC Orchestra did not do or provide it would be great if you could name those things. I understand English is not your native language but it would be helpful to some of us on here, especially those like me that are sailing on Orchestra in a few weeks.