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  1. Anyone trying "to take advantage of the situation" the cruise industry is in also stands to lose all of there money. Many of these cruise lines are hanging on by a thread right now and are very close to insolvency. I wouldn't book a cruise now with 75% discount.
  2. I just checked my VISA and happy to report that both my down payment and final payments were credited back to my card, oddly the date of these transactions shows as 19 May?. They aren't in the "pending" column they are in "transactions" and the balance has been changed. **Note** we are Canadians that booked through the US site (we lost $30 on the exchange conversion but we can live with that). On another note I called Delta Airlines Wed to request a full refund for our flights instead of Ecredits and Bam the money was refunded the next day.
  3. Same, we were going to be sailing on 22 March. Still no refund.
  4. What are you talking about, it'spretty simple MSC has decided not to pay some it's employees. I never said the were "a nonprofit charitable organization?"
  5. I read last week that MSC is not paying their employees stuck onboard their ships's this is getting bad. https://www.businessinsider.com/msc-cruises-crew-members-stuck-onboard-ships-salary-repatriation-2020-4
  6. They are not paying their employees now so that is not good.
  7. MSC, I know you are very busy right now, but you need to turn off your auto generated emails for upgrade offers on sailings you have cancelled !! Booking Number: ????????- Discover MSC Cruises Upgrade program now!
  8. What does it matter if I am a travel agent? That is none of your business, like I said I am not, nor have I solicited any business on Cruise Critic, there are many travel agents on here. Are you an admin? why are you so upset about the fact that I mentioned there will be no cruises through the summer? This isn't a fear tactic, it's simply my opinion. If people get scared or frustrated with that they can move on to the next post. Free speech, move on.
  9. First off all I never solicited business here, I simply mentioned the advantages of having a TA. Secondly, too bad if I hurt your feelings by stating my opinion (which is allowed here by the way) about ships not sailing through the summer. Calling someone a liar because they said ships won't sail through the summer, really?? Time for you to grow up and stop attacking people on an open forum. Like I said enjoy your cruises.
  10. How do you know I was on a Carnival site? looks like we might have a cruise critic stalker on our hands folks. 😂
  11. LOl..do you have a TV or radio? They are explaining all kinds of facts !!!
  12. You won't be sailing anywhere in April this is going to last through the summer
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