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  1. If they don't accept the AZ vaccine there are going to be a lot of very unhappy people!
  2. They say all passengers vaccinated so presumably this will apply to those under 18 as well?
  3. CDC is, I believe, an American agency so I am not sure Viking will be making a decision based solely on what they say. Other nationalities sail Viking and Viking sail in many other countries.
  4. They also confirmed vaccination not a mandatory requirement.
  5. Given the slow rate of vaccinations in some European countries I think June is very optimistic.
  6. Morning tended to be next day and evening one day later but sometimes next day. If you work on 48 hours then you are more likely to be pleasantly surprised rather than disappointed. If you need something back urgently then ask your cabin steward if it is possible.
  7. Just read a news article saying that Australia are unlikely to fully open their borders during 2021.
  8. Vaccinations started in the UK today so the light has been switched on at the end of the tunnel. It's only a flicker and the tunnel is long but It's a positive step.
  9. I'm in the UK and had an email with reductions on certain expedition cruises but it wasn't marketed as Black Friday.
  10. Apparently the United flight arrived with 26 passengers with 1 denied boarding as they tested positive in the pre-flight test. Reported by a reputable UK source.
  11. Same in the UK but we have to pay a 25% deposit.
  12. Agree with Clay and much easier to get a later slot which suited us fine.
  13. When we were on the Orion in the far east last year the World Cafe had some themed evenings. The Indian one was brilliant. We were on a 14 night cruise and never got bored with the choices.
  14. If you have any uncertainty I would move it. Viking may not cancel until a couple of months before and the not knowing spoils the pre holiday anticipation. We had one booked for April 2021 and moved it back a year.
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