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  1. You must book within the 24 months but don't have to travel in that period.
  2. Mine's a lemon drop martini as well please. I was at the bar but will take my drink to a window seat to avoid the person, there's always one(!), who wants to talk politics. Happy to always have a considered discussion as I like to try and understand how it all works in other countries. However this person stepped outside the boundaries. I'll be back later!
  3. Don't think Viking do river cruises in Canada!
  4. We left ours on and are in the same suite on our next cruise so very convenient!
  5. Pretty much the same as Viking as I think their next SE Asia sailings are in September.
  6. I always struggle to understand why people think they should receive additional compensation for something outside of, in this case, Viking' s control. The company is refunding all that you paid them & I would imagine you could claim against your travel insurance for any third party payments. They are already doing more than they have to. It may be because I am in the UK and we have different expectations in these circumstances.
  7. That is some sort of logistical nightmare. It's becoming a magical mystery cruise and hopefully all on board appreciate the problems that Viking are having to resolve.
  8. It was an advert for one in April this year, not booked on it.
  9. Had an email this week reducing cabin prices for an April cruise.
  10. Regarding the last paragraph it's yes to everything. We are in the UK and use a local agent and the package was sent to them.
  11. Apologies for the error. I quickly looked at a website and they had it as included. Just checked back and It wasn't the official site - my bad!
  12. As you also get free laundry I'd go for that as well.
  13. I think you'll find this is in their t & c's.
  14. UK prices include gratuities and I believe the same applies in Australia. If these countries can do it why can't it happen in the US?
  15. BA in Europe has what they call Club Europe which is an area at the front of the main cabin. Still a 3x3 configuration but they don't sell the middle seat. Sometimes it has a fixed table, sometimes not. Split from economy with a curtain. Proper food service and complementary drinks included. That said we are in the UK and always used to fly BA but no longer, only do so now if no other options.
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