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  1. We're in the UK and always used to fly BA. Won't even consider them now and if the only way to get somewhere is BA we would probably not go!
  2. We stayed in 8011 and have booked it again for our next cruise. Occasional sound from the sports deck, wouldn"t call it noise. They clear the equipment away around 18:00 I believe. Absolutely no noise from the corridor and I imagine the only ones using it to access Explorer Lounge are those with cabins on that deck. We loved the location.
  3. Can never understand the passion for lobster. I'll take advantage of an empty Manfredi's!
  4. Received it this week, it's just for the UK. Not bothered about it not being explicit as I'll just wait and see how it goes. Can always unregister. Yes, definitely from Viking Cruises.
  5. I'm sure it will all be ok. Major issue if an arrival/departure port is changed due to impact on flights.
  6. On our last cruise we had the invitation and also received a call from guest services to confirm we had seen it.
  7. Deck 8 is brilliant for location. Stay with DV1 and reconsider cabin type for your next cruise.
  8. The only thing I ever stood in line for was the gelato!
  9. Same in the UK. Bigger unrefundable deposit but full payment much nearer travel date.
  10. We found a list before we went via Google but when on board it was all on an IPad and there were far more than on the printed list. Doesn't help you but there are probably more than you see on any wine list.
  11. When booking opens a button appears that from memory says Add to Cart. This then takes you to the booking page where you can select your time slot. At any time you can go from there to pay for your selection.
  12. Is this Bangkok to Hong Kong? It will be very hot and very humid to the point of some tours being very uncomfortable for some. Getting on and off buses in the cities is hard going especially for those with mobility issues. Also the docking can be a distance from the stated destination (up to 3 hours) which can make a very long day. We did Bali to Bangkok and I was surprised at the number of people on the tours who didn't really understand that there was either no free time or no 'shopping' opportunities. Call that said we are looking to do Bangkok to Hong Kong next!
  13. We're on our first Viking Ocean cruise now and I was a bit cynical about all the positivity around Viking. The reality is they are as good as everyone says and more. Sure, a couple of niggles but they are so minor and only stand out because the standard is so high.
  14. When I am back I will send you the updated port thoughts as I will add mine to the one I have from a guest on the Nov 18 cruise. Can you let me have your email address please. Currently a sea day to Singapore from Jakarta and off to lunch at the World Cafe.
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