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  1. Can anyone advise if you can buy Viking branded polo shirts on the VO ships. I know they will be expensive but asking for DH.
  2. It has been reported that in heavy seas water from the pool flows over to the outside area of the ES directly below. No experience just a post by the suite occupier.
  3. In the UK gratuities are included in the price. The tipping culture in the UK is so very different to that in the USA. From reading many posts tipping in the USA seems almost mandatory whenever a service is received, very different in the UK.
  4. You can now book straight from your wish list. If I recall correctly there is a button to press that takes you straight from your wish list entry to the booking screen. Worked well.
  5. Google Viking Ocean bar menu and one of the results is the bar menu. This gives you a really good idea of costs.
  6. I would have knocked on their door and had a very polite conversation
  7. Depends how disappointed you would be if you couldn't book it on the ship. If it's a cruise you really want to do then book it now!
  8. Make sure you do it on day one as no reduction to the price if you leave it a couple of days!
  9. The policy changed in November so anyone booking prior to that had existing payment arrangements honoured.
  10. Why were the included ones not available? Every passenger has a right to an included tour.
  11. When you are researching your holiday and which cruise to take the different booking times for each cabin type is very clear. If you don't like it don't book. If you book without doing the research don't then try and say Viking should do it differently. Just my view!
  12. If you are in a PV cabin or a higher category mini bar items are free whether you have the SS package or not.
  13. That's how it's done in the UK. Price per person with an 'early booking reduction of £500 p.p.that seems permanent.
  14. Keeping fingers crossed that Viking will visit all the stops on their schedule and not cancel any of the stops! There is no point reserving all those excursions and find that we are not stopping at those stops after all !!! If Viking cancel any it will be for safety reasons which are outside of their control. Nothing you can do about it and it's one of the 'risks' you take on an ocean cruise.
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