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    I think I already know the answer to this question, but it hasn't been asked in a while from what I can see, so I thought I'd go ahead and ask. My soon-to-be husband and I will be cruising in the next few months on Carnival, leaving the day after our wedding. We will prove our marriage so we can can board the ship under the age rule, but we'll still be only 20 years old for the entire trip. Is there any chance at all that we'll be able to drink on this trip when we're on the actual ship? I've sort of been worried that we aren't going to have any fun on our honeymoon, since we haven't gone on vacation without alcohol in years, but I guess I brought this on myself. (WILL we have any fun?) For some reason, I thought being married would make a difference, but it doesn't seem that Carnival has any policy like that. Also, this is both of our first cruises. Any other tips for us?