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  1. Agree, to a point... if one reason you're buying The Key is for priority disembarkation at ports, that's universally ONLY for tender ports- but they don't tell you that in the literature. So it's not ship specific as much as it's itinerary-specific. In regards to our disasterous disembarkation experience on Liberty last week, yes there can always be problems at port, but do not expect to get priority service above self-debarking passengers. That was my point in posting. If a quick exit off the ship is necessary, self-disembark and don't count that as a Key benefit.
  2. There is no priority disembarking at port unless it’s a tender port. Also, post-cruise disembarkation last week was a nightmare- the 8:30 time was actually 10:00, so if disembarkation is a concern, you should do self-disembark and not take advantage of Key.
  3. My husband grabbed our carryon from the area they had us put them, and we walked towards the exit. The representative physically blocked us from leaving and told us we could not leave “for our own comfort” because the terminal was too busy. That was the excuse they kept using. Then it was that our luggage wasn’t ready. To have tried to have gotten past him would certainly have escalated things.
  4. Good point about the drugs. my experience on Liberty is they underdelivered on the program. Someone else’s experiences may vary, but even at $19.99/day, I didn’t find it worth it. just my $.02
  5. If there were drugs found, and that’s why they wouldn’t let us off, why did they continue to let self-debarkation people off?
  6. At no point did my husband swear. He said it was BS. In those words. Yes, he got upset, but he didn’t “verbally abuse” anyone. The representatives did not care that we had missed our shuttle or were close to missing our flight. Also, no we actually couldn’t “just leave.” There was a representative at the dining room who was preventing anyone from leaving. Even after pleading our case several times. That’s why my husband got upset and said they had no right to hold us hostage, which is what they were doing, while other people were allowed off the ship with self debarkation.
  7. No idea what was going on, but they didn’t let the entire Key group leave when we did. Just us, the squeaky wheels. And all the bags were in the terminal.
  8. Oh, we did. They told us they were sorry, there was nothing they could do. In fact, at 8:15 we told them we needed to be out at 8:30 for a flight. So we found someone else and my husband blew up at him and told him it was BS, and all documentation said we could leave at 8:30 (it was 9 at that point). He said luggage wasn’t ready. Hubby said BS. There were maybe 40 of us waiting to leave. Hubby told him we missed our shuttle, but because it wasn’t a Royal shuttle, they didn’t care. Hubby waited a little bit, then complained to yet another person (other people were compla
  9. 9:50 and we are finally being allowed to disembark. Keep in mind that the ship was not delayed and self-debarkation started on time. total crap.
  10. Priority debarkatiom from Liberty of the Seas is a joke. We were supposed to debark at 8:30am, but they are still holding us in the dining room and only allowing self-debarkation people to leave. There is no priority in this. (It’s now 9:15). There was also no special debarkation in ports. That’s likely different in tender ports, but I wouldn’t count on it, based on our experiences. i would say if flowrider is your “thing,” the Key might be worth it for that. But there hasn’t been priority anything in this trip, really.
  11. Just follow the signs for suite guests, or if they have a Key sign, go there. Your seapass doesn’t have the info. Just tell the reps you see that you’re Key and they will send you on your way. 😊
  12. Boarded Liberty today with The Key. Embarkation was a breeze- skipped all the lines. Went straight to Chops for a delicious lunch ablut 11:30, then up to our room, which was ready. Our flight was a nightmare, and hubby isn’t a great traveler, so it was definitely nice to skip the lines and avoid the chaos in Windjammer. Hubby isn’t likely to do any of the activities, but I might. Here is our schedule.
  13. We were upgraded from deck 3 oceanview to dect 10 balcony. It is an adjoining room. Should I be concerned?
  14. We leave Feb 17. We found out we had been upgraded on Feb 1. It also happened to be my birthday, so that was great! I'm sure that has happened. In our case, we got the upgrade for less than what the balcony room would've been when we originally booked. Also, every category of stateroom other than interior was showing sold out.
  15. If it were me, I wouldn't go from interior to spacious interior. I'd only go for it if I was moving to oceanview or higher, especially if you're concerned about location. We got lucky. We originally had a midship deck 3 oceanview room and through RoyalUP, got a midship balcony room.
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