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  1. We were originally booked on Royal Caribbean on a 7 nt cruise to Cuba, leaving Feb 17 or 18. Royal cancelled that cruise, and one of the options they gave us for rebooking was a 5-day stopping in Havana. Now I'm glad we opted to choose a totally different cruise!

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  2. 21 hours ago, cruisegirl1976 said:

    Ok.. help.. I am interested in this Royal UP and I am just finding out about it.. my cruise isn't until Next Feb 2020, and I booked it directly with RCL, will I get an email?.. or do I need to contact them to let them know I am interested? Thanks in advance 🙂

    If you do get an email, it will likely be a couple months in advance. Is there a reason you don't just book a better room now? For us, our financial situation changed between the initial booking and now, so we could've booked a balcony.

  3. 3 hours ago, Lc1102002 said:

    Hi, I'm planning a cruise from florida to cuba.  I'm considering NCL or Royal Carib.

    I need help deciding if one cruise line is better then the other.  and how many days in cuba i should plan on.  I was surprised to see so many of the cruise offers only 1 night in cuba which seems hardly enough.  Any guidance and suggestions would be welcome.  thanks!

    May want to reconsider Havana. It will likely take them a long time to recover from the tornado.

  4. 1 hour ago, Dan-P said:

    If you don't get this letter until boarding, it would be pretty indicative of the fact you don't have to make reservations in the Cruise Planner months ahead of time, and instead can do it once onboard.


    My thought on this could change as more information is gained between now and my Allure sailing in September, but that is my assumption for now.



    I have purchased the key for our Liberty of the Seas sailing on Frb -7, and I can’t find where to make reservations for shows as of now.

  5. 13 minutes ago, Dixie1337 said:


    For tracking reasons they would actually be better off taking the final number and dividing by the number of people in the stateroom, since apparently you pay the same price whether there is 1 or 4 people.

    I generally don't tell companies how they should or should not do their accounting. I am an accountant for a living and understand there are many different ways to account for things- I'm sure RCC has it all figured out, and we don't have to worry about how they run their business.

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  6. 55 minutes ago, btbg said:

    I would snorkel in Cozumel. Not necessarily because it's better snorkeling than Costa Maya, but because Costa Maya has access to some of the best Mayan ruins in the area and it would be a shame to miss that when there isn't much difference in the snorkeling in the two places.

    I have been to the ruins, and my husband has no interest. I agree with you though!

    Turns out we likely won't do a snorkeling excursion anywhere (we had thought we would do a boat excursion), due to my husband having a colostomy bag and being worried about facilities.

  7. 5 minutes ago, Dixie1337 said:


    Such a stupid way to word it.  Why not just double the price and say it's per stateroom.  Does anyone actually feel better about bidding seeing the price in half but still knowing it needs to be doubled?

    Almost everything you pay for is per person, not per stateroom. Even your beverage package, if purchased, has to be for all adults in the room. I would guess that's one reason. Also, I would guess that in the big world of RCC, they likely track things like spending per capita.

  8. 2 minutes ago, rhinomike said:

    Without reading through 35+ pages. Can someone help me figure out how to purchase the key package. We are on Explorer of the Sea boarding July 7th in Southampton, England.  There are five of us with two connecting balcony cabins.  Would love to get the key package. I spoke with our advisor who then referred us to a senior advisor specialist. Neither had ever heard of the key package. I am a newbie to RC. Can I book it online?

    If it's available for your sailing, it will appear in your cruise planner under "internet and more."

  9. 6 minutes ago, Fancypants! said:

    Anyone have experience with moving more than 2 people with the upgrade? I currently have a room booked for 3, and I can't tell if they are saying that you shouldn't bid on it if it is more than 2 people, or if they mean they will just charge you for two of the guests, but move all 3 of you.


    "Your bid is priced per person and based on two guests per stateroom for the entire length of your cruise. Only the first and second guest will be charged."


    I know I could call, but literally my last two phone calls with them in the last couple weeks have yielded totally wrong answers.

    You pay for 2 people to upgrade. All of you in the same room move.

  10. 28 minutes ago, DHADEN said:



    UNFORTUNATELY, they are removing the Connoisseur Lounge from all the ships - Makes No Sense at all.  Then, the only place to enjoy a cigar is outside on Deck 11 and/or 12 (I think it's the Port side).

    That’s really unfortunate. The cigar industry is on the upswing, and when you’re going to places like Honduras and Cuba, a nice cigar lounge SHOULD be a no-brainer! Sitting outside is not the same as a nice lounge with a scotch.


  11. Several things come to mind....

    1) You will not experience "all Alaska is" in a week, or 2 weeks, or even several trips. Alaska is HUGE, and different parts of Alaska offer different things. A cruise is a great way to get a TASTE of what Southwest Alaska is, which is different than other parts of Alaska. I've been to Alaska 3 times, and each was a very different experience.


    2) The ports in Alaska are very easy to navigate by yourself. You don't have to do an expensive excursion to have a good time there. It is unlike any other cruise you will go on. I've been on 7 cruises. Alaska is still my favorite.

    3) In all of the excursions I've ever done, and on all vacations I've ever been on, including the Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, and Mexico, my favorite thing I've EVER done was go on a helicopter ride to the dog sled camp on the glacier. YES, it's expensive, but it's worth every penny! (We booked separately from the cruise line). You can do an excursion like that and still have some time on the ship. It doesn't take all day. Or you can just go see the logging show or wander through the port area.


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  12. There are already different classes of cruisers. You get different perks sailing in a suite than you do in other rooms. The  loyalty programs reward members with perks. This is no different, except that it puts a couple of those perks into reach for those of us who can't afford a suite and can't afford to cruise every year.

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  13. Our sailing shows sold out as well, but as mentioned in previous posts, there's always the possibility they're holding back cabins for one reason or another. I bid on a balcony, Jr, and Jr panoramic suite. My thoughts were the same as yours- if I got any of the upgrades, my overall price was still less than if I had booked those upgraded rooms to begin with.

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  14. 7 minutes ago, khm1 said:


    I bid on a Panoramic Suite and got it for $350 total. I sail January 20th on Freedom. I bid around 4 weeks out and got the upgrade email a few days after I bid. I upgraded from a large balcony. I didn’t think I would get it since both Panoramic suites showed as unavailable on the RCL website at the time of my bid and the following days until my bid was accepted. There is no way to know whether you will get it or not. It is a total shot in the dark, IMO. You may be surprised like I was. My parents ( also in a large balcony) bid much more than I did for a Grand Suite. They were showing as 4 available until a few days ago and are now sold out. They have not won their  bid yet. Who even knows how this works?!?!?   

    Well maybe I can hope an owner’s suite open’s up and someone who bid on that opens up a lower category and we can catch a wave haha

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