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  1. Apple5, thank you for taking the time to share about your excursion. We have booked it and are looking forward to it!
  2. Thank you all very much. This is quite helpful. On board in 5 days!
  3. Hi. We are considering booking the excursion called "Dominican Coffee: A Local Experience." The reviews on HA are good, but there are only two of them. Has anyone done this excursion and, if so, would you recommend it? Alternatively, we've read recommendations to take a taxi to the cable car and then tour the rum distillery and call it a day. We'd be grateful for any advice from more experienced travelers. We're not planning on beach time here. Our first cruise is coming up in 8 days!
  4. I found this document comparing the amenities for the various suites. I found it helpful, but also note that it is not dated, so it might not be current. http://www.insightcruises.com/pdf/Suite_info_from_HAL.pdf
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