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  1. Agree- I'll volunteer myself and my two kids as well! On a more serious note, are you sure it will work out not telling them? May cause drama because they made other plans.
  2. Thank you all - now I'm really hoping for some good Indian food next cruise 🙂
  3. That sounds really good- we love Indian food (including naan). Thank you so much!
  4. I read somewhere that there is an Indian menu for the MDR (other than the daily vegetarian option). Does anyone know, please?
  5. I thought so - thank you 😊 Btw, I didn't realize that only two classes are included. Good to know!
  6. I saw that the spa cabin will include free classes as well as spa access. But how about the weekly spa pass, are yoga and pilates included, or will I still need to pay for the classes as well? TIA 😊
  7. We'll probably be asleep for late shows anyway (jetlag and early risers).
  8. I agree - not really a fan of the picking 🙂
  9. As long as we can go whenever there's a show, we'll be fine. Every night would have been great, though...
  10. Nope- I'm planning waaaay ahead and looking at Sky Princess fall 2020 🙂 And thank you so much. It sounds like we should be fine if we go.
  11. Yay- it will for sure be a priority for us:)
  12. Thank you so much! That sounds really good. Do you (or anyone else, please jumb in) happen to know how many shows a 10-day cruise would usually have? Btw at least of now, he doesn't get anything slightly adult. His older brother did get it on our recent cruise though (nothing awful, an early show with a few adult hints).
  13. I'm considering Princess for a cruise with my youngest son. He will be 14 at the time. We enjoy comedy- so I'm wondering if (some of) the comedy would be open/suitable for him. I definitely don't want to bring him to something very "adult". I'm looking at a 10 days caribbean cruise and would love it if we would be able to see at least a couple of shows. I hope someone can help - thank you.
  14. In our recent (first) cruise, I tipped $5-10pp after reading in here - except for one tour where I did a little less bc of the not so great guides. I did notice that only about half the others seemed to tip (tops). No one was pressing for tips in any way until we were on the airport tour in Miami. Then, everyone was.
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