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  1. The best balcony cabins are on Caribe deck 10.
  2. I have been on the Regal Princess. The Horizon Court was amazing. I am wondering on the newer ships Enchanted in Discovery they’re showing international market place instead of the Horizon Court. Are they set up pretty much the same are there any differences between the Horizon Court on the older royal class ships and the international market place on the newer ships.
  3. The Sapphire! One of my very favorite Princess ships. I was t crazy about the Grand.
  4. We booked Alaska 2022. We felt vaccines, etc would have had more time to be done.
  5. I’m so excited! Booked cabin E424. Now those great, really not obstructed cabins are sold out on our sailing. It feels so good to book a cruise again.
  6. I’m in my 60’s but live in a city with a majority being a younger demographic. It’s rare to see anyone with a mask even though our city has one of the highest confirmed cases in our County. Go figure.
  7. My thoughts too. If I venture to cruising again it will be after a vaccine or when there is strong scientific proof of herd immunity and might be a river cruise.
  8. Non-refundable deposits. It seems every cruise we have checked recently has a non-refundable deposit. While we typically book on what we plan on doing I really don’t like that so many cruises on Princess have a non-refundable deposits. I’m close to Elite but may wander off to another line.
  9. Hmmm. Why the need to correct someone who is having a great time. 😊
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