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  1. Just received RoyalUp email for March 7 sailing Symphony of the Seas... Currently in 1D oceanview balcony 2 adults and 2 kids (4 and 9 years old). Don’t know what to do! I know the amount is just for the two adults. Spacious balcony $150pp min bid (we are not doing this one—no way) Ultraspacious balcony $200pp Jr Suite $300pp Grand Suite $700pp 2bedroom Grand Suite $900pp Owner’s Suite $1000pp I don’t think we can splurge on the Owner’s Suite, but the 2 bedroom suite would be great
  2. @Tall-Cruiser you’re right! I don’t think anyone really knows about these staterooms yet. I DID notice there was no mention of Spa Junior Suites whatsoever, only Spa Oceanview balconies. Also from RCL website all Jr suites have only one bathroom on this ship. I guess we have to wait for either RCL to put a video up of these rooms or at least a real life video of the aft of the ship when it’s nearing end of construction. I’m excited!
  3. So funny cause I called RCL about this very cabin yesterday! It was missing from their website for the 3/26/22 sailing, but was visible on many other websites. Anyway, she was showing available J1 rooms in her system but did not understand why they were missing from RCL website. I did ask her for more info about these Junior Suite Aft cabins (can hold up to 4 people). These are AFT CORNER Jr J1 suites...there are also aft regular junior J4 suites. She said J1 will be 276 sq ft room size plus 161 sq ft balcony...as opposed to 267 sq ft of regular junior suites. She even said RCL OWN
  4. You can go to the State Dept website and search by your zip code for passport application facilities. In many cities, the Clerk of Courts title offices can also do them. You should look up your municipality and call one of the offices to see if you can schedule a passport appointment with them. Maybe better hours for your schedule. We have used KSF and mostly travel during school one week per year. Much cheaper and less crowded. Here in Ohio, everyone does it and it’s not taboo to take time off, especially for parents with kids in elementary school. When kids are older I am sure we
  5. They absolutely do sail free (just have to pay taxes/port fees $122 per kid on our Symphony 2020 early March sailing). Before the discount, our two kids fare was $574 each in 1D balcony. With KSF that fare went to zero. I will add we called our TA to get KSF discount months after we originally booked. The above posters are correct, you can’t do a mock booking for two people then a mock booking then add a kid. Technically you are still in a balcony but no longer the 2 person room. The website automatically put you in the more expensive 3/4 person room...the kind with a sofa
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