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  1. I think you are right the classics are hard to beat! The Sidecar is great when it is done right, on the ship I prefer a Big O martini, in port I try to get a local specialty, Like Pastis in Marseille, or Shery in Cadiz.
  2. Petoonya your reasons for being a vegetarian are irrelevant to anyone else, that is your choice and we need to respect that. Personally I will try just about anything that people eat in any part of the world. For me that is part of the travel experience. To each their own.
  3. Hi Pam First I want to thank you for the updates, very well done. The ship changing course could be a lot of different issues, we once had a14 hour diversion so a man could be helicoptered off because of cardiac problems. I am curious about how much self serve is still at the Terrace Cafe and Waves grill? Are there more servers or fewer options? thanks Jack
  4. Thank You Jan This letter does make sense for us all, I hope more people read and understand what it all means. Unfortunately there are still too many people with an overwhelming sense of entitlement that think this does not apply to them. Jack
  5. We received an upsell offer yesterday for our Oct. 6th cruise, we were booked in an inside F and were offered a B1 veranda for 400 cdn. so it was a no-brainer. This our first offer to move up through 5 cruises. Who knows who gets the chance or why?
  6. After being settled into you room you can always go to the desk to ask if there is space available in any of the specialties. without using a prearranged reservation. if not then there is still the GDR.
  7. Hi Josie like Lyn I am curious about ' infra dig' and the bells would be very annoying, during the day the sweater would be very festive and fun. Enjoy your cruise Jack
  8. Oceania's posted dress code is "Country Club Casual" which means casual not over dressed or lower end grubby. It is still astounding that people can not or will not adhere to this, but keep trying to lower the bar of what is acceptable attire.
  9. Sneakers are never okay in the GDR or specialty restaurants for men or women. Same for denim, dressy jeans is an oxymoron.
  10. Hello Thixson For seafood try Vancouver Fish Company on Granville island, steaks and chops try Joe Fortes on Thurlow st. about 5 blocks up from the cruise terminal, for sushi try Tojo's on 9th ave. aka (Broadway).
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