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  1. I guess I should report that I got my 200-500 back and everything looks great. I have only taken a few (well, quite a few) shots around the house and everything looks sharp. I am going out shooting this weekend, so I'll get to see if it is all good. I should also report that I tired of organizing files, but I did make some significant headway, and I started on a web page, which I know next to nothing about. I think I'll see if I can train my granddaughter how to organize files; I'll tell her it is fun. Or bribe her with $$$ What a hobby 😁
  2. I had not heard that. My policy has an expiration date in October, so I imagine I will hear from them then.
  3. I mentioned in a previous thread of my woes, that all turned out good. I use Nationwide (who also does my homeowners), and my agent arranged a "valuables plus" (I think that was the name) policy, which covered about the same amount as you are looking for for $61, NO deductible. I did not have to provide receipts or appraisals. I had a loss in January, and filed a claim. I was asked for receipts at that time, which for me was not a problem as I only insured cameras and lenses, and they were purchased from major retailers and NIKON. It might be worth a call to a local Nationwide agent.
  4. In Bermuda a couple of years ago, we, and all of our fellow "let's see how many are late watchers" saw a lady oblivious to the fact that the Summit was about to leave. A cab driver took pity, and drove her as far as he could. The Captain waited a minute or two and allowed her to board. I saw her on deck a little later, and asked if she was worried that she was going to miss the sailing. "Of course not, they always wait", she said. I mentioned that she may want to reconsider that strategy in the future.
  5. Upgrade or upsell? Upgrade, other than within category is unusual, but does happen from time to time, whether you book with =X= or TA. Celebrity would rather offer an upsell, through their auction or directly, in order to capture a few more revenue $$. I learned many cruises ago to be happy with what I pay for, because it is unlikely to "get" a higher category.
  6. 👍. Good, I would hate to see someone get that surprise.
  7. And, we also were invited, as were all suite guests on our cruise, to a helipad viewing of our departure from Bayonne.
  8. Caution. IIRC, there are a couple of s1's on Reflection with quite small balconies on Deck 6, if that is important to the OP. I may have missed it, what was your Aqua fare that you would adding $550 to upgrade.
  9. Normandie on Summit was our absolute Celebrity favorite! Not a big Tuscan fan as we find it inconsistent. To be fair, our last Summit cruise (Aug '18), Tuscan was pretty good.
  10. Have they relabeled the Concierge categories. Last I booked a Concierge they were C-1,2 &3?
  11. But then it is a much longer vacation. Where is the flight from/to?
  12. Wow, that looks great as long as the weather cooperates.
  13. I'm talking about an adapter for your iPad (assuming it uses a lightning).
  14. JohnGinPBG - Do you have a link to a site for the cruise you are taking? That kind of trip would definitely be on my bucket list.
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