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  1. 4 acronym's in one thread title; a record! I have to remember LMNOP. Good one!
  2. My investments took a significant hit. I did not sell them, and the value has mostly returned. So, I did not lose the big hit, as there was no sale. I do get your point, but if a long term holder, you have a different perspective. I have no knowledge of the pension's investment strategy.
  3. Unless they sold the investment, they haven't lost anything, yet.
  4. Lake Apopka? Have they reopened the drive to portable bird blinds (cars)? Nice Shot!
  5. That is a very productive neighborhood. Great shots! We have Goldfinches, Crows and Robins. And the ever present Turkey Vultures.
  6. I second the request for details on the egg bites. 😁
  7. He certainly did a good job planning and designing in those days! RIP
  8. I have subsequently learned that you are correct. Thanks to 81dollar.
  9. It would be interesting to know if they, Viking and Princess, have Business Interruption insurance that would respond in this case? I guess we would find out down the road in their parent company SEC filings, assuming Viking is part of a public company.
  10. It sounds like two different things; take a break from sailings (I guess because of the virus), and the carbon footprint. One does not have anything to do with the other.
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