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  1. Hello! We are sailing on the New Year's Meraviglia cruise in just a couple weeks, and getting excited! We booked a Super Family Plus cabin, which is three staterooms connected together under one booking number, but it also means that our party of six technically have different cabin numbers (they put me and the three youngest kiddos in one cabin, then assigned my husband the second cabin, and my son (the oldest kid, but still only 15) his own cabin.) The three rooms are designed to be combined if a family books it that way, but they can also be sold as individual staterooms, so it looks like they go ahead and "assign" someone to each room. For anyone who has had this type of arrangement, I'm curious how this works for logistics. Obviously we can sleep wherever we want once we're in the rooms, but will each "cabin" have their own account that needs to be reconciled for charges, or will it all come on one "master" account? Can we (as parents) get our cards to give us access to all three rooms? We are supposed to be receiving onboard credit from our travel agent, which we were hoping to use for gratuities. Will that apply to all three rooms, or just the one under my name? We were given three different "e-ticket" packages for each stateroom, and my husband ended up getting a different embarkation time than all the rest of us, so it makes me think MSC doesn't quite have it all together for this type of arrangement. To make things even more complicated, we are traveling with our sister and brother-in-law, who booked their own stateroom, separate from us. BUT -- they are the parents of two of the kiddos in OUR super family cabin (it was cheaper to book them under our room, and we thought it would be fun to have all the kids stay together). But now we are realizing that's causing some complications. We've linked our bookings online ahead of time, so I'm hoping they seat us together for dinner. But we have different embarkation times, even though they are the legal guardians of two of the kiddos in our room. Can they jump the line to board with us - as I don't think they'll let us board with two kids who aren't our own? If my sister and BIL wants to see a show or make dinner reservations including their own kids, can they book on their behalf, even though they are technically in "my" room? Or if I end up needing to be the master "planner" of sorts, is there a way I can book specialty dinner times, show reservations, etc. for my sister and BIL, even though they are in a different cabin? Thank you in advance - any guidance or advice would be appreciated!
  2. Hi! Yes, I believe two normal sized young adults can sleep on here relatively comfortably. At least for us, they made up the bed to sleep horizontal, not vertical, and it’s easily a Queen size that way. I don’t have a great picture, but I will try to attach (pardon family members!). An egg crate would definitely help the mattress, it is a little hard.
  3. Hello cruisers! We will be on MSC Meraviglia with Fantasia experience this winter. Forgive me for my naivete, but we've only taken one cruise before with NCL, which has freestyle dining, so I'm unfamiliar with how a cruise with dining "seating" works. If we miss our assigned dining time, are we out of luck except for the buffet? If we book a specialty restaurant, do we have to "cancel" our MDR dining time? What if only a few of us show up for our reserved time (i.e. kids decide to go to buffet or order room service) -- is that OK? And we are traveling with two other families who may or may not have the same dining times/locations (one has Bella, so can't even request). Any chance we can mix and match as long as the same number of people show up that is assigned to that particular time/location? Thank you for helping explain this to the novices! Heather
  4. Hi Mercury, We did have this room for our cruise and it worked out great - but we did NOT have a way to make two beds. The main bottom cushion of the couch slides out, then the top two slim cushions are put in place in the back to make one flat bed. My kids slept horizontal, but they WERE next to each other. It was larger than a typical sofa bed, though. The room steward also had separate linens for them, so it felt like two beds a little more. There wasn’t really room for an extra bed like an air bed, although I suppose it could be an option if you don’t slide out the bottom. It ended up working fine for us. Hope that helps!
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