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  1. Just do the math. Even drinks that run $12 plus 20% gratuity nets out to 3 drinks per day for break even point on $300 for a 7 day cruise.
  2. Mars Bars in the US are Snickers Almond. Milky Way is similar to Three Musketeers but not exactly the same. The European versions are sold in some stores here in the US, along with Maltesers (yum). My husband worked for Mars for 20 years so I know way to much about them 😂
  3. Again you can tell if you prepaid your daily service charges on the confirmation under components. It will be listed as prepaid service charge. If it’s not there and you want to pay them upfront you can do it on the website before leaving.
  4. If you already prepaid your daily service charge for everyone in the cabin then yep you’re good to go for everything except maybe a little tax on drinks when in port and any other on board charges you make.
  5. It’s easy. Look at your confirmation. If you see Bev Srv Charge under booking components you were charged for it. If you don’t you didn’t have to pay them. The service charge for all free perks, if required, is shown in your booking total when booking and is part of what has to be paid in full before cruising. The only exception is the daily service charge for the cruise which you have the option of paying in advance through your account or having it added to your on board account to pay at the end.
  6. Here’s the new link from NCL’s page on what’s included in the PPBP https://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/premium-plus-beverage-package.pdf Pricing is difference between $99/pp pd and $128 plus 20% gratuity = $34.80/pp per day—$69.60 per couple. I think we paid $59 for a bottle of Oberon on the Bliss last year. Only decent Cab on the list is Simi so all depends on how many bottles you drink with dinner every night.
  7. Our daughter and her boyfriend just stayed at Beloved Playa Mujeres outside of Cancun. It’s an adult only resort, and they said it was wonderful. They said they were waited on hand and foot all week, the food was really good and they loved their room with its own wading pool on the second story. If you’re looking for a lot of nightlife you won’t find it though. They do have some sort of entertainment every evening but no nightclub open all night.
  8. The wine you are allowed to bring on board that you must check and pay the corkage fee on as you embark. How do you get them once onboard.
  9. How to you get the bottles of wine that you’ve checked once onboard?
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