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  1. You will get a paper from the comfort suites at check in. You then walk across the street, LITERALLY, into the Atlantis. Show the paper to the desk in the Atlantis hotel and they hand you the bands. Lines can be long to do this....so go as early as possible if you don’t like to wait! Just take a taxi from the ship to the hotel, lots of taxis are waiting for you, super easy to do. Hours at Atlantis vary according to the time of year, so check the Atlantis website. I will tell you they close early year round, like 6pm, so getting there early is best, lucky you! You will get more done the first hour that they are open than the rest of the day. (I stayed there for a week, so I can answer any specific questions! ).
  2. When we did our cruise in June, we booked a room for one night at the Comfort Suites Paradise Island. it is literally across the street from the Atlantis and you get FULL Atlantis privileges for the day, even down to the wristbands! Atlantis passes might be $175 per person? Look at the cost of the hotel room, which is for four people. We saved HUNDREDS! We never even went to the hotel room, which we booked on hotels.com actually. We got off the boat, grabbed a taxi service and were on a water ride at the Atlantis within 45 minutes of stepping off the boat! If you are trying to save money, check it out! 🤔
  3. I just can not find a recent price for the cost of a taxi from the Nassau cruise port to Atlantis. I have found rates that are several years old, but nothing fairly recent. We are a party of three. THANKS SO MUCH!
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