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  1. Paid through credit card and part with timeshare points which had been converted to dollars by that point. Refund did not include port taxes, fees- just fare. Matched up with cruise invoice.
  2. Half was my account, half in my husband's -I have his login ;). Total between the two was right on.
  3. Cool, no rush on my part. My rescheduled cruises aren't until March and August next year. My TA friend said I may not want to apply the FCC right away, because if I need to change the new bookings for some reason, it could be a pain to get back (n her experience). I've appreciated your balance on this issue while keep up with this thread, dog. Thank you
  4. No communication, just spotted it on my daily (or ten times daily, to be honest) check in on the site. No port fees, excursions, drink package refunds yet. I'll post again in when those come in to help provide a timeline.
  5. That was what I figured about FCD, and I would not protest it at all. Would easily use the OBC that would come with the FCD, but I can't complain. I spoke to a TA friend (not my TA for this sailing, because I was using another party to book it) just to fill her in on this news for her business purposes. I asked how she was holding up and how people were handling their cancelled bookings. She said people were going crazy, and it was across all the cruise lines - not isolated to Princess. She said she's heard a lot of conspiracy theories. I told her my stress relief was to shut out t
  6. Just to follow up - This was a cruise that Princess cancelled on 3/12. It is still showing up in my history as completed, which I expect will get reversed during the reconciliation process. I haven't received my credit card refunds for excursions, etc yet. But I have a complete list, and the printouts of the statements, so I can track everything. The 225% calculation was right on the money - 1/2 in my account and 1/2 in my husband's account. I had used a FCD for this sailing, not sure if that will come back. But what a relief to see that today!
  7. I just got my FCC in my Captain's Circle account, cruise was 3/14/20. Selected option 1. I was happiliy surprised! I will be putting that to good use in 2021, god willing!
  8. We're on the Sky in an S4 cabin on the Sun deck in March. Would be interested in knowing more about this. Our TA is a big company/not personal service. Thank you for the head's up.
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