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  1. If any of you guys enjoy watching me and Riley Tench on YouTube, we have both made videos featuring each other! Let us know what you think.
  2. Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that myself and Riley Tench are currently working together to make a collab video on YouTube. For those of you who watch our Royal Caribbean cruise vlogs, you guys are going to love this! In the meantime, make sure you are subscribed to our channels, and keep an eye out for our upcoming videos! See you soon! Chris
  3. Massive UPDATE video for you guys! WHERE HAVE I BEEN?
  4. Thanks for your continued support guys! You guys have shown me so much love for my YouTube content, I am really lucky to have you as viewers. I've spent the last week trying to figure out how to keep my channel growing, and the type of content I want to make moving forward. I actually didn't enjoy making the Q&A videos at home, and I would much rather make content I enjoy creating. I have a lot of videos already made, before the Coronavirus pandemic started, and I should have enough cruise content to post once a week - to last until cruising starts again.
  5. Not sure yet. I have plans to stay home in the UK for a little while and build my YouTube channel.
  6. I've been making a lot of tour videos this week. Here is the first one! FULL Royal Promenade Tour on Oasis Of The Seas!
  7. So I made an updated version of my crew cabin tour video. Hope you guys like this!
  8. NEW VLOG IS LIVE! A video explaining what my job is onboard. Hope you enjoy!
  9. It should be in the Cruise Compass. Check the times for lessons everyday.
  10. Come follow me around Labadee, as I take you on a Instagram adventure!
  11. Lessons usually take place 1 hour before the casino opens.
  12. Yes, I still have videos from the Mariner I haven't posted yet.
  13. Tipping in US dollars is a lot more convenient for crew members, but I wouldn't suggest to tip with a $2 bill. Even working in the casino, I don't ever see this. No, we don't have an ATM that accepts all currency. Everything onboard the ship, even in the crew areas, is US dollars.
  14. Yes that is correct. Working in the shops and art gallery, I was a concessionaire. I was employed by Harding Retail as a shoppee, and Park West as an art dealer. Casino Royale is Royal Caribbean, and I am employed directly with the cruise line.
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