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  1. I just made a note of this idea. Thanks. I'm currently putting together my video of Coco Cay!
  2. I wanted to show more crew areas of the ship, but I don't think I'm actually allowed to. This could actually result in me losing my job.
  3. I had this an idea, but there are so many travel bloggers/vloggers already exploring these places. I don't want to make videos that have already been done before. I think the reason why my vlogs are quite good, is because I'm the first crew member to actually vlog my life onboard the ship.
  4. Yes, right now, I'm scheduled to be on the Mariner until March 18th. My contracts are 6-7 months long.
  5. Birthday announcement.....I will be happy to! I'm looking forward to seeing all of you.
  6. ANNOUNCEMENT! I just wanted say thank you to everyone who has been watching my vlogs! I just hit 200 subscribers, and the channel is growing everyday! I had no idea there was going to be such a strong interest into the life of a crew member, and engaging with you guys has inspired me to make more content! One day, I hope to make vlogs for Royal Caribbean full time! I have a whole bunch of new videos to post, but as you can imagine, finding the time to edit and finding strong wi-if to post is quite difficult for me. I've just finished editing my Christmas vlog from Independence last year, so make sure to subscribe and look out for that! Also, let me know if there's something you want to see me show/talk about. I need more video ideas. This community is fantastic, and meeting you guys when you come onboard actually makes my day better! You're all so nice. Thank you once again, and stay tuned for more content coming soon!
  7. I look forward to seeing you again! I must say, the ship has been a little rocky sailing in/out of Port Canaveral last cruise.
  8. Never be scared to say hello to me! I love meeting you guys!
  9. With questions like this, I'm not 100% sure what I can and cannot share online. I don't want to risk getting into trouble. Onboard Credit is organised by Royal Caribbean, not the casino.
  10. That's a shame. I guess we just never crossed paths with my schedule. I've met quite a few of you guys now, and it's been lovely to meet you personally.
  11. Thank you for watching! I look forward to meeting you, especially for the holiday season. I couldn't imagine the ship running out of food. I guess it's something I never actually thought about. This was also my first time doing a cruise through a hurricane, and the cruise was extended by 2 days, causing the following cruise to be cancelled.
  12. Congrats on re-earning your prime status. I look forward to meeting you guys!
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