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  1. I wouldn’t worry about seeing it as it was dire.
  2. None of the food on P&o is particularly good so don’t have high expectations and be grateful you’re not cooking it or doing the washing up afterwards!
  3. The astonishing show is rubbish .... type of thing you would get at butluns. Britain’s got talent magicians would be better.... even the rubbish ones.
  4. I overheard a few people saying what a rip off the railway was, how it wasn’t that good and certainly not any value for money. We didn’t do it due to cost but had a great day in Flam,
  5. We removed the service charge and tipped separately. Some service was abysmal and so I was not going to tip them.
  6. We used CPS as it was part of the offer. I was very reluctant to hand over keys (I never ever do this for airports) but was reassured when booking by them that they were insured etc and staff were very nice, plus when collecting the car it was easy and quick and cars were parked so that there were good gaps between cars... they could have squished more cars in but didn’t. Good service and would highly recommend.
  7. Having just been to Flam and seen how the valley fills with the smoke from the ship, I get what the Norwegian government are saying.
  8. Thanks.... think I’ll take mine just to be on the safe side!!
  9. Going on board Britannia soon and just wondering how good the hairdryers or if I should just bring my own?
  10. I don’t get the sail away party .... seen it on YouTube and thought it was a Butlins type style cheesey cringeworthy thing - would avoid like the plague!
  11. I have been told you can take as much soft drink/water as you want.
  12. Hi. Going on our first cruise next month. Once you drop off car (CPS), what happens next? Is there anything to do whilst you wait to board? Are there shops like an airport? And what do you tend to do first once you embark?
  13. Going away soon. On f deck and got a 3pm boarding time. Much later than I was expecting.
  14. Does anyone know when this starts in June? Will be on board until 3 June and hoping this will start from 1 June!
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