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  1. Good review, nice and short, not a lot of BS.
  2. Dock 30 according to the Port of Quebec schedule
  3. Ditto, wife must have her wine. 🙂
  4. We were on the Valor in October 2017, out of Galveston. The sports bar did show the every World Series game, and yes the bar was packed (as well as the casino), and it was very loud.
  5. Carnival does offer transfers to GAL from both IAH and HOU. I live close, so I drive to the port. However, I did use it in San Juan, and it was efficient. IAH is on the north side of Houston and about 2 1/2 hours on a good day from Galveston. That is taking into consider much of Houston is dealing with roadwork on major roadways. HOU is on the southside nearer to GAL (Hobby, which accommodates many Southwest and some AA) is 45 -60 minutes from GAL. First of all, I would come at least a day ahead and spend the night in GAL. There is enough to do to occupy a day or two. As for mode of transportation, if I decided to arrive the day of the cruise, I would CCL transfer from either airport. If I came in early and $$$$ wasn't a big issue. I would UBER from HOU, and private transfer from IAH. Of course you could always rent a car. I hope this helps.
  6. Don't fish anymore, but I'd check the license requirements in the various ports.
  7. We're there on October 24th for the reverse route back to FLL. We are ready for much cooler weather being all the triple digit temps we've been getting here in the Houston area. BTW, thanks to all who contributed to this thread, it has been entertaining.
  8. We do the steakhouse at least once, sometimes twice a cruise. The reason for twice, I like the lamb chops (can not get in the MDR), and sometimes a filet. Having said that, my wife orders the flat iron in the MDR and says it is a decent cut. However, she has a cruise requirement (usually first night for the free bottle of wine) we do the steakhouse so she can have the surf and turf.. Now my opinion on the MDR upcharge vs steakhouse, pay the $18 more and do the steakhouse and enjoy the experience. Your husband can still have his steak and potatoes, and you can enjoy the ambience of fine dining.
  9. Fantasy does not have a steakhouse. It is took us about 2-2/12 hours from port of Mobile to Gulf.
  10. Next will be a "Resort Fee" for vessels with water works.
  11. Check again, there are plenty of 7,8 & even a 14 day Panama trip listed.
  12. You're right, we left about 4:20 ish, beat the fog out and had a great 9 day cruise.
  13. That would be the "group W bench", what a great story/song.
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