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  1. Got back 8-24-2021, was on the Miracle. Leaving Seattle our route took us west of Vancouver Island and we stayed in open water (first night was a little rough). We entered the passage just south of Baranof Island and stayed inside until we left Ketchikan later in the week. We did do Tracy Arm, lots of small icebergs, no problem for the excursion boats.
  2. Ditto, with the extension for 12 months, however it is a QR code that you can download and a letter is provided. .
  3. It wasn't showing on our Miracle trip either. What I did based on past experiences was I emailed the Maitre'd direct and ask him. They have one, it just isn't showing on the website. We ended up have two Chef's Table nights on our cruise. It is still a very popular event. Good Luck
  4. When I ordered my test kits from EMED, the website asked if it was for one or multiple individuals. I check multiple individuals. I then had to give the FN and LN + DOB of each individual that would be taking the test. I ordered it yesterday, said to be delivered before 8 PM today. That's all I know on the subject so far.
  5. Ordered from EMED this morning, got email from FedEx stating delivery tomorrow by 2000 hrs. Guess I was lucky.
  6. We did the Chef's Table on the Miracle (Alaskan Fare Menu). It was a great menu: Usual small appetizers Smoked Salmon Patte King Crab Bisque Lump Dungeness crab salad Filet of Halibut Grilled Elk NY Cheesecake w/ Fresh Alaskan Blueberries, and White and Red wine (unlimited)........ And of course, I'm kidding. It was the same ole menu they've used for years. However, for $75 pp, it was we'll worth it, but wouldn't do it again.
  7. In the past you use to be able to reserve tablet via email. If I recall correctly, even in Dec 2019 (Freedom), we had to either prepay to get the day and times we desired or wait until we boarded for reservations and take our chances.
  8. ok, no on the United Club. Well, be the cute couple (JK) patiently waiting at the gate wearing mask. Anyway I'll either have on an 2019 Astros Champion cap, after all we're going to Seattle and we pretty much own them (no stones Seattle people, Scott Servais was one of my favorite Astros), or a Landshark cap. We've been on self quarntine (sp) since the new protocol came out. I hope this test person knows how to read the results properly (-)
  9. We're on the same flight out of IAH. What time is your check-in at Pier 91. We opted for 11:00, but will probably get there a little before then. We're doing Capair from SEATAC to the hotel (pier 66 area), and then scheduled an Uber for the day of departure. Hope all goes well on the 15ht with the rapid test, have a good flight, and maybe see you on board during the cruise.
  10. https://.seattleexpress.com/tour/cruise-ship-transfers/
  11. Hotel and Off-Site Courtesy Shuttles | Port of Seattle (portseattle.org)
  12. We leave August 17 and just received the email this evening.
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