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  1. FINALLY! Our August 11th Alaskan cruise from SFO was cancelled around April 14th. We opted for #2 (refund). Luckily for us all we had invested cruise wise was a $200 NR deposit (oh well), balcony breakfast ($45), and shore excursions ($1859). This morning all but the $200 NF deposit was credited back to my C/C. So, I can close the file on this cruise and hope our Jan 8th Caribbean Circle will actually take place. Hang in folks, it will eventually come. JK
  2. And don't forget it was 26 or so miles up the Houston ship channel and many times fogged in losing $$$. We loved cruising from there, now we either do CCL or have to fly. Oh well, for today off to the golf course shortly.
  3. Statement or trade confirmation is good, just black out your account number and make sure the Firm's name is on the documentation.
  4. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23000-hawaii-predicts-no-cruise-passengers-until-second-half-of-2021.html Found this article on the Princess site.
  5. Faxed my info Sunday, May 24th for a 1-8-2021 14 day Caribbean Circle cruise and it showed up on Monday, May 25th. Hey, $250 is $250 at this point, or any point.
  6. Agreed, my dad was a chief mate for Texaco for many years back in the day. I was privileged, due to my job, to follow him around on board when he would port in the Houston area. I never saw a man work so hard to this day. BTW, he's 93, fishing guide on Lake Sam Rayburn, and still cruises.
  7. I did receive an email on April 14th stating my August 11th Alaska trip on the Star was cancelled. Us, like you has a ton of pre-paid expensive excursions, OBC/perks, etc. In a follow up email from my PVP, she stated give them 60 days (HA!) to refund.
  8. Where are you flying in from and what time do you land? We did this trip YQB to FLL last October. Flew out of IAH at 6am (left house at 3:30 am, landed in EWR at 10:30, left EWR at 1:25 pm, landed in YQB @ 3:15. After immigrations and customs boarded PCL transfer to ship, finally arrived around 5:30. We were too pooped to do anything the first night. The next day (sail away day) we did an excursion which encompassed most of the day. After we cleared customs we passed the luggage off to PCL transfer and it was delivered to our room later that evening. Hope you enjoy, we did.
  9. Who needs a muster drill per se. On our last Princess cruise, before we could access the in-room TV we had to watch their safety video. This also can be done by CCL. Afterward, for the "MUSTER DRILL", we went to our designated "MUSTER STATION" for brief hello talk, and this is how to donn a PFD. OK, everyone should know how to donn a PFD, if not watch the video again. As for having to personally go to the "MUSTER STATION", that is so when there is an emergency you know how to get there. So with a little effort and of course cost to CCL, they (CCL) could install stand alone card scanners at each of the "MUSTER STATION LOCATIONS". During the safety in-room video guest would be instructed where their "MUSTER STATION" is located and how to scan their card. Oh yes, pertaining to the children, they would receive their wristbands upon boarding the vessel. Just my thoughts on this crappy stay at home day when I could be playing golf.
  10. Us too. I guess I'll start completing the forms tomorrow.
  11. Caribbean Princess: 10-24-19 thru 11-6-19 Quebec City to FLL
  12. Cruise Raider, We have an August 11th sailing on the Star, look into your crystal ball and see if SF port will be open. Seriously, living in that area do thank it will make?
  13. Edit: The only part of the announcement that concerned us was San Francisco. We have/had an August 11th date on the Star.
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