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  1. Yes and the one poster who claimed to get info from the CDC but provided a link to an opinion piece as evidence of their claim. I have discovered the ignore user tab. It is great!
  2. Yes all the "experts" here are putting forth their opinions. I will listen to the CDC and other reliable sources.
  3. That is very strange. I suppose they know you're a regular customer so don't need to send these to you. Both myself and my wife get 2-3 mailings a week.
  4. Was on the Joy Panama canal cruise. There were times when dial up would have been faster...
  5. Agreed, however it's heating season and I am supplementing the heating of my home with all these flyers. 🙂 🙂
  6. I will no longer purchase these. Last year the hard sell was extreme. This year on my cruise they left a message on my phone every day! What a pain.
  7. On the Joy the free internet(I.E. NCL and Cruise Critic) was very slow, like dial up slow. I had the 250 minute package. When logged in thru that it was at least DSL speed.
  8. Bought it 6 weeks ago at 52 to get the OBC. Sold it a couple of weeks later for 52.5. Sure glad I didn't hold on to it. At 32 I am tempted to buy and hold...
  9. Be forewarned, you can never go back....
  10. My view also. We are "escaping" the problems, not running into them. The world can come to an end around us and we'd never know because we were on a cruise in the middle of the ocean. 🙂 🙂
  11. Just received my upgrade notification success for 2/14 Joy cruise. Went from minisuite to 2 bdrm haven suite(H4). My bid was the middle of the fair range.
  12. I suspect an anomaly. I've seen weird things happen on the upgrade page. Like really low bids*lower than poor", but it wouldn't let the bid save in the end. It's usually fixed within a day.
  13. The point is: Is it really 30% off or 20 % off if they raise the price 30 or 20% the day before?
  14. I would wait a day or two. Some new promotion will likely show up. Whether it's any cheaper is hard to say. Typically prices are raised the day before a sale by the percent of the sale off.
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