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  1. I can only give you my experience. I was on the Aug. 21 alaska Encore cruise and we had a great time. No issues. The crew was fantastic, clearly so happy to be back. We did have a thermal spa pass so possibly that allowed us to avoid any hot tub issues.
  2. There is a covid testing location right by luggage drop off for disabled.
  3. On the NCL Encore(Aug 21 to alaska) everything was open and normal. Crew all wore masks. Garden Cafe was self serve, no restrictions in the thermal spa, etc. Ship was at about 60% capacity so felt more like a luxury cruise than normal. Crew was so happy to be back the atmosphere was like being a kid on Christmas morning. Note NCL and Oceania require 100% vaccination.
  4. This last cruise on the Encore 90% of my charges were the daily gratuity(now called service charge). My OBC was applied to that gratuity. OBC was $100 shareholder and $250 cruise next(from $500 purchase.
  5. Yes it was great. Busy at times but not crowded. There is always that one person who thinks they can save 4 heated loungers for the whole family....
  6. We had the same meal. I was looking forward to a whole lobster but the waitress steered us away. Said it was very tiny. However my steak was the best I've had in long time. A surprise as I think of Ocean Blue for seafood. The lobster tail was tiny and not any better than you could buy frozen.
  7. Regarding covid posts. I ignore anything not coming directly from CDC or NCL. Don't believe anyone on our cruise tested positive for covid. No proof whatsoever.
  8. We had the thermal suite pass too. Best $500 I've ever spent(for the week). Perfect for an Alaska cruise.
  9. On our aug 21 to 28th cruise I just got off of we were told their were 2700 on board including crew. From the cruise director the first night. That seems low as normally the Encore holds 4000 passengers and 1700 crew.
  10. Yes that is how they do it. We were given a choice.. I swabbed myself.
  11. I am very much looking forward to docking at Ward Cove. I love old industrial buildings and architecture. Will be taking many pictures.
  12. That's an "old" video from Aug. 7th. Procedures changed and Aug. 14 had no issues. Hope my process to board this Saturday is smooth.
  13. Yes is depends on the deal. Seattle charges a tax on all drinks in port. It doesn't matter the cruise line. The Cruise line must pay the tax. It's up to the cruise line if they pass the tax on to the customer.
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