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  1. cruise chick21

    best service in dining room!

    Yes, that is the way I feel also, although this was my first Princess cruise. But I was glad that I got a good set of waitors for the whole week. It really made the dining better.
  2. cruise chick21

    best service in dining room!

    Everyone is too quick to post negative- I pretty much have nothing but positive comments about my latest cruise!!!
  3. cruise chick21

    best service in dining room!

    I just had the best waitors in the Provence dining room on the Island Princess. George and Renat!!! Excellent!!
  4. cruise chick21

    Little known facts

    on the Island Princess, there is an indoor pool: go to it. People seldom go there because they want to be outside and catch the rays. The hot tubs are ALWAYS open, never crowded. The pool also has a swim against the current option to be turned on and off. there is also a bar and ping pong tables.
  5. Just got back from the Island Princess Christmas Cruise, Dec. 20th- 27th The cruise was excellent and went above my standards and expectations. The Ship- This ship is probably the best that I been on. Since it was a "holiday" cruise, the whole place was decorated- Christmas trees, wreaths, manaoras! Didn't let me down on the whole Christmas feeling. The ship has a nice set up and is very ellegant. My Cabin- The overall cabing was the biggest room out of the three other cruises I have been on. Although, the bathroom was a bit tiny. If you want a different pillow, some were quite hard, ask the stewardess and they will be happy to get you a soft feather pillow. My cabin was in an excellent location, Deck 5, Plaza. I was near the middle of the ship,the atrium, where the fancy glass elevators are, the guest services desk, and relaxing, comfortable couches. Dinner- I signed up for the traditional dining, which means- same table, time, and servers every night. My group had dinner at 5:45, which was good since most of the shows were at 8:00. We ate in the Provence resturant on Deck 6. We had excellent waitors- George and Renat. The food was outstanding!! There was always some sort of pasta, fish, meat, choice. also, be sure to look at the menu, there are choices that are "always available"- shrimp coctail, ceaser salad, salmon, steak, fettucini, etc. Other eating- For breakfast my family usually went to the Horizon Court- the buffet. The food was actually good. there was choices of hot foods like, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, pancakes, etc and fruit, cereal. there was also a omlet bar where you picked you fillings and they made one for you. You could also ask for eggs, sunny side up, or fried. Occassionaly they also served up steak- great for those meat eaters. For lunch they have the buffet- its open 24/7- the pizza bar, the grill, or you can go to the dining room. The pizza was excellent, I reccomend it. Didnt get a chance to go the grill, but they had hamburgers, cheeseburgers, veggie burgers, bratwursts, jumbo hot dogs, and french fries. Drinks- there are numerous bars around the ship with all drinks you can imagine. I highly reccomend that soda drinkers get the soda card. $27 for unlimited sodas and it came with a coca cola cup to get refilled, free of charge. There is also a coffee card- great deal since fancy coffees are $2-3 each. Wine is available by the bottle in the resturants or the glass. Buckets of beer are available also Entertainment- there were 2 "main" shows with the Island Princess singers and dancers and the orchestra. Those shows were excellent- a tribute to broadway and old singers. The other shows were odd performers such as comedians, a vandtrilaquist, and an outrageous banjo player. all shows have two times to cater to the different dining times. There was also entertainment throughout the ship. Just look in you Princess Patter- given every night- to see what is happening throughtout the ship. Ports- We went to Cabo San Lucas, Matzalan, and Puerta Villarta. I have been to the Mexican Riveara 3 times so my family knew what to do and where to go in Cabo and Matzalan. But to change things up, In Puerta Villarta we went on one of the excursions offered by the cruise ship. We went on a nature expedition in the Sierra Madre. It was AMAZING! It turned out to be more than a nature expedition- we stopped in tiny towns and had homemade authentic mexican corn tortillas that we watched them make. we stopped at a lady's house that let us sample the fruits growing in her yard. We had an awsome tour guide Gustavo! We also stopped at the beach for an hour and had a bbq lunch. then went on to hike through the Sierra Madre Mountains. There were Christmas and Hannaka services for those who wanted to attend. They had an amazing champagne waterfall that I reccomend watching! Overall, the trip was excellent!!:)
  6. cruise chick21

    Indoor pool on Island Princess

    I just returned from the Island Princess Mexican Rivera, December 20- Dec 27 2006. The indoor pool was working. There is a button where you can turn the swim-against-the-current option on and off. Also, off of the pool there are two hot tubs. I recommend going to the indoor pool rather than the outdoor if you want to swim and relax because it is way less crowded, seems no one knew about it. But if you rather tan and be in the sun, go to the outdoor pool. There is a bar and ping pong tables in the indoor pool area also.
  7. cruise chick21

    cruise director mike aboard the Star

    i hope he is!! ~Cruise Chick21
  8. cruise chick21

    cruise director mike aboard the Star

    yes that is the same Mike. I did not travel on the Dawn when he was there. But now he is the main CD. He has an assistant Tommy, but he seemed new and maybe a little reserved, but they were still great! Always making jokes and making everything fun!!! ~Cruise Chick21
  9. Does anybody know how i can contact a cruise director? I just got back from the New Year's Cruise 2005 aboard the star and Mike the cruise director was GREAT!! he was funny and got everybody involved. i would like to tell him what a great job he did! please respond thanks ~Cruise Chick21