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    Need info on Costa Mediterranea

    I was on the Mediterranea 3/19 cruise. Loved every minute of it. The balcony was small, but for 2 people it was fine. No charge for room service. And we had no problems getting off the ship, either for an excursion or final disembarkation. After customs cleared the ship, we were off and on our way to the airport within 15 minutes. We had an 11:00 flight and made it with plenty of time to spare. Beds...ask your room steward as soon as you see him for extra mattresses. We did, and once they were on the bed, it was fine. Have a great trip!:D
  2. cruising whatever

    Honest Review of Costa Med 4/2-4/9

    jmoraski8---I'm with you! I was on the March 19 sailing. Had the best time. Our cabin steward was fantastic, was able to get mattress toppers immediately. He was sooo attentive. The Today was on our bed when we returned at night, we had chocolates on our pillows, ice 3 times a day. What more can I say. The dining room staff was wonderful! So pleasant and helpful. Always with a smile, and time for a little chat. Our glasses were always full, they knew exactly when to bring coffee, and after we had decided to skip a night in the dining room, the next night as soon as we came in, they came up to see if we were ok, since we weren't there the night before. Italian night was fun. Didn't do the Toga thing, though. Went to some shows. You didn't miss much. That's the part of the whole week that I was disappointed with. Can't wait for the next one, which will most likely be Costa!:D
  3. cruising whatever

    Your opinion on Costa?

    Hmmm. I was on the Mediterranea. Food was excellent, entertainment so-so, and staff was fabulous! Can't wait to book my next cruise with Costa!
  4. cruising whatever

    Need *HELP* packing for this weekend !

    I was on the Med, western Caribbean, a couple of weeks ago. It is 2 formal, 1 casual (Italian night) 1 toga and the rest informal. We didn't hit any rain...in fact, Jamaica was sooo blasted hot! Cozumel and Grand Cayman was pleasant.
  5. cruising whatever

    Video Poker on Costa Mediterranea

    They do have a few machines. I didn't play them so I don't know if they're a quarter or a dollar.
  6. cruising whatever

    Most informative Mediterranea review EVER! PART 1--THUMBS UP!

    We didn't have a problem with the Today being delivered late. It was always on the bed when we got in. We tipped our cabin steward (Jimmy) as soon as we met him. He took good care of us and found extra mattresses for us. Our room was 6196, no noise, no vibrations. Bingo...well we played on day. That was plenty. It's pretty hokey!!! Overall, the trip was wonderful. The ship is immaculate, the people were friendly, the excursions well organized. Can't wait for the next one!
  7. cruising whatever

    Med 3/19

    I was on the western Caribbean. The second night was the Captains reception and formal night. The next formal night was on Friday, I think! They served lobster and prime rib. I can't keep the days straight. Italian night was Tuesday. After dinner, the music starts and the passengers start waiving napkins. The dining room crew dances with passengers and it ends with a conga line. It's a real treat! Disembarkation. Well our ship didn't clear until almost 9:00. We hit the gang plank at exactly 9, and were in a taxi to the airport at 9:15 - 9:20. Immigration was quick, went down and picked up our luggage, sorted by color tags, went through customs in about 30 seconds and out to the cabs, lined up in front of the terminal A breeze. Not so at the airport. That was the down side of the trip. Have a great time...we did!
  8. cruising whatever

    Med 3/19

    I just returned from cruising the Med (3/19 - 3/26). I have to say that it was wonderful! The personnel were great...especially those in the dining room. The food was great! I was a little hesitant after reading some of these reviews, but not to worry. Our waiter and his assistant were constantly seeing to our needs. The first night, we ordered coffee during the main course. From that night on, coffee was served during our main course without asking for it.:) Our waiter, Reul, would always make recommendations. If we ordered something, he'd let us know if it was good (fish too strong tasting, spices on the Osobuco strong, etc.) Until he was injured, Mostaq, the assistant, was always checking to see if there was anything else we needed. Italian night was a real hoot! :) The ship was beautiful. Finally figured out how to get places on the last day of the cruise. It's a little confusing, but exploring the nooks and crannies was fun. The excursions were extremely well organized and fun. Booking thru the ship, even though more expensive, set our minds at ease for running late, personal safety, etc. Entertainment...well, the crew show was the best. Waiters, room stewards, dishwashers, etc. performed better than the actual professional entertainers. The crew kept the passengers entertained throughout, with dancing, "horse racing" etc. If you wanted something do to, there was plenty. On the other hand, if you wanted quiet, there was that, too. Smoking wasn't a problem. People kept to the designated smoking areas, and the smell was non-existant. Sitting out on the veranda watching the world go by was fun. Would I do it again. In a heartbeat. (Once I get may land legs back, that is.)