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  1. Thanks so much everyone, this was very helpful! We are purchasing the soda package. Because we will be at Bermuda 3 days and we are beach people for those 3 days we won't be drinking and still can't picture spending the $1,000 on alcohol the rest of the days.
  2. This makes me so sad. 😔 Stupid to some, but I truly enjoyed them. I actually looked forwarded to see what towel animal would be next. ❤️
  3. Hi everyone. My husband and I booked the Norwegian Escape heading to Bermuda in October. We're looking forward to it! But because we are making one of our rooms in our home a bathroom we wanted to stay within a certain budget for our vacation this year. We opted to choose the balcony that didn't offer any of the "free perks" because it was a price difference of $1,000. We are still looking to have some drinks on the boat(obviously) but was wondering what the prices would be for mixed drinks and beer?
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