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  1. Either way, I don't think Royal intended for Wonder to be in China year-round which suggests that she might not be a cold weather ship.
  2. There is no indication that Wonder would be a cold weather ship as it was intended to move to Hong Kong and/or Singapore from China during colder months.
  3. New sailings for Spectrum from January to October 2021 are now available to book. It looks like she will move back to Shanghai after her HK season at the end of January then move to Beijing (Tianjin) in the summer then back to Hong Kong in October. I think this means that if there are no changes, that Wonder will move to Shanghai to take Spectrum's place in June/July.
  4. Are you referring to Voyager? This thread is for Quantum.
  5. It is not sold out. Rather, all sailings through the end of March on Quantum have been cancelled meaning that they are not selling any rooms for those cancelled sailings.
  6. China to Caribbean seems a bit far-fetched. At this point, the most realistic option would be to send the Asia ships to either AU/NZ year-round, US West Coast + Alaska, or Europe and sending the current Europe ships to the Caribbean. It would be far too expensive and impractical to send the Asia ships on a Global Odyssey through the Suez and Atlantic and I'm not sure if the ships would fit through the Panama Canal if going through the Pacific.
  7. They don't do training here but the Philippines isn't banning ''clean" cruise ships so crew are allowed to disembark for the day, last-minute port bookings are relatively easy and cheap, and the Philippines is in the center of the region which means that the ship will be closer to wherever they need to go in any direction. Apparently, Spectrum had no further plans to go to Australia or anywhere until they were in Manila.
  8. Spectrum's final destination is Sydney with a stop in Brisbane along the way to bunker.
  9. According to a crew member onboard, Spectrum's final destination is Sydney with a stop in Brisbane along the way to bunker.
  10. I’m not sure but I also know that there aren’t a lot of cruises from SF compared to Southern California. I believe that only Princess operates 1 ship over the summer out of SF and in addition, there really isn’t anywhere to go from SF on a short cruise as the ship would have to visit Canada or Mexico to comply with the PVSA.
  11. I would assume neither. Spectrum has to go under serious renovation to make it suitable for non-Asian markets and Royal wouldn’t remove Ovation from Alaska especially because in order to get to Europe, they would have to go all the way around the world through the Suez. My bet is that it might be Wonder pre-inaugural for TAs.
  12. However, what’s different about Spectrum is that it has been deemed a “clean ship” as it hasn’t had any passengers and hasn’t visited any ports in Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, or Macau in over 15 days whereas Westerdam has visited Hong Kong and boarded people from Hong Kong on Feb 1.
  13. If Spectrum moves out of Asia, they'll have to do refurbishments to better reflect the market just like Quantum when she moved to Shanghai but the opposite. Spectrum really is purpose-built for the Chinese market and would suffer in foreign markets in its current state.
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