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  1. Another possibility to consider is taking a bus from MK to Saratoga Springs and then walking to Disney Springs. The walk from the Congress Park bus stop to Disney Springs is quick and scenic. The resort monorail stops at each of the monorail resorts, while the express just goes between MK and the TTC. There is a lot to do at Disney without going to the parks—I think you will have a great time, and the weather should be fantastic in March!
  2. Combining the magnet and tea light ideas, my husband brought a magnetic flashlight on our last cruise. We stuck it to the bathroom ceiling so we wouldn’t have to turn the main light on at night and wake everyone up. (The bathroom light switch was outside the bathroom and on the wrong side of the door, so no way to turn it on once inside)
  3. No worries. 😊 There isn’t a lot of current information about this topic (at least that I could find!), so the more information contributed here, the better the chance it will prove helpful to someone else!
  4. UPDATE: I was able to use my bingo cruise certificate and future cruise credit for the same sailing! Quick recap: In April of 2018, I won a “free cruise” at bingo. I applied that certificate (value of $1250) to the April 7, 2019 Oasis sailing, boardwalk balcony room for my family of 4. That cruise was canceled 5 day before departure because of the damage incurred in the Freeport dry dock incident. We were given full refunds of all amounts paid, as well as 100% future cruise credit. I rebooked a sailing on Harmony for October 13 and put down a deposit of $1000. I then emailed the comp cruises desk and asked if they would reapply my bingo certificate. I gave them the certificate number, new and old reservation numbers. They responded within 5 days saying they had reapplied the credit. I then emailed again asking if they could apply the future cruise credits. Again I received an email within 5 days saying they had applied the future cruise credit as well. I probably could have accomplished both with one email, but I was initially worried about the bingo certificate, since it was to expire this month. Once it was handled so promptly and easily, I thought I’d ask about the fcc’s. In conclusion, I am very pleased with the outcome and with the responses from the comp cruises folks. Now, if Harmony can just stay away from cranes...
  5. Thanks for your response! I’m afraid I didn’t give all of the information in my previous post. We were all given full refunds of our cancelled cruises, as well as a 100% future cruise credit. I did receive a refund to my credit card of what I paid over the certificate. I was concerned whether I could combine the future cruise credit (which was just for the difference paid) with my bingo certificate that I had applied to the cruise, and neglected to mention the refund. I would have been very frustrated if we weren’t given refunds at all, like in your situation! I hope you were able to resolve that to your satisfaction!
  6. Yep, we were booked on the April 7 sailing. I have no idea what is going to happen now. I tried to call, but they don’t even have people answering the phones for bingo winners anymore. The only way to get in touch with them now is by email. We were given a future cruise credit for our canceled cruise, for the difference we paid between the bingo prize value and the fare of the cruise. I called and spoke to someone on just the general guest services line, and she said I couldn’t use my bingo prize credit and future cruise credit on the same sailing. If that’s the case, that stinks, because it means we have to take two different cruises in one year before the credits expire. That’s just not in our budget to do, since the credits cover only a small portion of the total expense of a cruise vacation. I’d love some insight from anyone with more experience than I! In the meantime, we rebooked for the October 13 sailing on Harmony, and I emailed the comp cruises folks requesting that they transfer my bingo certificate to that cruise. I’m going to wait to see what happens with that before I do anything with the future cruise credit. 😬
  7. We were booked on the sailing to leave this Sunday. I’d be lying if I said my kids were the only ones to shed tears over this cancellation. We have been very much looking forward to this cruise. I do have a question about the refund and cruise credit—hopefully someone here has experience with my situation. I won a “free” cruise ($1250 credit) last April at bingo on Liberty. This was supposed to be our “free” cruise. I understand that I will only be refunded for the portion I actually paid, but will I still be able to use my free cruise credit, or is that gone now? Thanks in advance!
  8. I’ll do my best to answer based on my experience as the OP! 1. I was confused by this as well. I listed my top 3 ships each with the same sail date. (We are limited by school breaks, and spring break worked best for us). You could try putting Allure with a date range, or list Allure on each line with your top 3 choices of sail date. I ended up with my first choice. 2. I don’t know the answer to this question 3. Yes, that is correct. We booked a boardwalk balcony on Oasis with our kids as 3rd and 4th people, and they just applied the $1250 credit to the total price. 4. I’m not sure, but I think this just applies to any cruise that falls on Christmas Day. 5. I also found this confusing. We won our free cruise on our April 8, 2018 sailing. I did my research when we got home and sent in our paperwork with requests in May. (I sent it certified mail). I received an email within a week booking us for a cruise April 7, 2019. So I think the 30-60 days is a deadline but you should know well beforehand. A couple of other tips: The first reply to my original post lists a phone number to call. Once they have received your paperwork and have assigned you to a cruise, this is the best way to make any changes. I was able to add my kids and pick a specific stateroom this way. That number takes you directly to the right department. Don’t call the numbers on your email, you will just end up being transferred a number of times and waste time. I asked in in my original post about promotions, specifically kids sail free. My reservation was made during a KSF promo, but it was not automatically applied. I had to ask for it, since apparently the prices the comp cruise folks have access to aren’t the same as on the website. I did get KSF, though, which made the prize even sweeter! Hope this helps! We are setting sail on our free cruise in 25 days!
  9. We just returned from the April 8 sailing on Liberty of the Seas. My daughter (7) asked through the week if we could play bingo, and on the last day, I finally agreed. I paid $42 for a six card paper game and a marker. I gave my daughter marker duties, while I double checked. She asked me if we could split the money if we won. I explained to her that we were just there for fun, and that most of the people there (including us) were not likely to win. Then, we won the "free" cruise bingo! I would love to hear from other winners (especially recent winners), as to how the process went for you as far as choosing and booking a cruise. Most of the threads I was able to find on the subject were several years old, and it sounds like the program has changed fairly recently. The certificate I received is for a 7 night cruise for 2, valued up to $1250 per inside stateroom. We are responsible for port fees, taxes, and gratuities. We have one year to use it. Christmas, New Years, Easter, Thanksgiving, and June-August sailings are excluded, as are sailings on ships in their first year (I believe Symphony is the only ship this would apply to?) Some specific questions I have: 1. We are a family of four, so I would likely upgrade to bring our kids (can't exactly leave my bingo partner at home!), and we like ocean view over inside. Are the upgrade prices based on the current "sale" prices on the website, or the undiscounted prices listed on the summary page? 2. If the sale prices apply, can one apply the kids sail free discount (assuming they have another one) with a free cruise certificate? 3. The certificate states to contact them at least 60 days prior to sailing, and that the request will be accommodated based on availability within 30 days of the sailing. Is this typically how it happens? For example, if we want to sail the same week next year (April 7, 2019, our spring break week), and I send in the certificate tomorrow, would I not find out until March of next year? 4. ls there a better way to contact them than just mailing in the certificate with our top 3 ships and top 3 dates? My apologies for the long post and multiple questions, and thank you in advance for any input or advice! :)
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