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  1. My October 2 Pacific Princess cruise that was cancelled over two months ago finally disappeared from my cruise personalizer. I was looking forward to two nights in Venice and the transatlantic trip on my favorite ship. It made me sad every time I looked at my future cruises and it was there at the top of the list. So now I am happy my next cruise is in 367 days. Hopefully things will be somewhat better by then and we are looking forward to returning to South America as our March Coral Princess cruise was tragically interrupted.
  2. In my experience that is not a good sign, With Pacific Princess our "No Longer Available" voyage was recently cancelled. You may wish to look at other dates and ships, but for us 2022 looks to be more favorable. Wichard
  3. We really like the Coral. It did not seam crowded although it was at capacity on our last cruise. I have not sailed on the Island so cannot comment on the differences that the additional cabins make. After the Pacific the Coral is our favorite ship. Wichard
  4. northwestbear, I hope your 12 day European portion sails but my 31 day cruise is defiantly cancelled. Wichard
  5. I do not know if they are finally going to sell the ship but it would not surprise me. Even though the cruise was sold out for some time before March, if I remember correctly, economics may have finally caught up to smaller ships. I have asked my travel arrangement to book a TA on Enchanted for Nov. 15, 2021 so I am hopping that sails but summer 2022 is probably a safer bet. Wichard
  6. My travel agent just informed me that Princess has cancelled our 31 day cruise sailing on October 2, 2021 on Pacific Princess. This is very disappointing to us as Pacific Princess was our favorite ship and we would have spent two nights in Venice. I suspect we will not have the chance to see either in the future. The Princess note said I would be informed in three days and hopefully they will provide additional details regarding refunding our deposit. Wichard
  7. No too many unknowns. We have a cruise booked for October 2021 on the Pacific Princess. I am not sure that itinerary or the ship will still be around available then.
  8. Today I received the full refunds for my August and September cruises which were cancelled in April. I had paid in full in February and it was a rather large amount so I was a little anxious. In future I will not be paying in full until just before it is due. Thankfully the credits were for the full amount and not parceled out in separate refunds, i.e fare or airfare or tours etc. I also received a credit for the portion of the Coral Princess that was cancelled mid cruise in March. I took Option 2 so now I need to see how they will handle the FCC on my account. So
  9. My wife ordered a couple Diet Cokes a day and they were brought up but I did not try to order any adult beverages under. the circumstances. There was no charge for anything, Coke, tooth paste, Band Aids, or laundry for a few pieces. Our luggage was on the pier and therefore not available. A funny story, she would call down and order Coke and ice and they would bring up the Coke and 4-5 ice cubes. Americans like lots of ice but apparently the ship was of the European thinking that only a small amount of ice is required. Then there is the problem that the second Coke will not sta
  10. pb_uk, I just wanted to let you know we made it home ok. I just opened a bottle of extra stout Guinness in celebration. Be safe.
  11. We did get off in Houston. Tomorrow I will look at the flight arrangements. When I get flight information it shows the origin, layover the final destination. I found it strange as well but I was so tired I might have missed something in the body of the text. Anyway all is well and I am home. I hope everyone else go home as well
  12. Thank you I will. When I watched others it seamed that sometimes it would be a short interval between guests then sometimes 5 or more minutes. Yes thankfully it is a charter so we will not miss the plane like we did in Buenos Aires.
  13. We just received our notice that we will disembarking between 12:00 and 1:00 today via flights to Houston then Dallas. Hopefully everyone will get off today. Since it is a 4 hour trip by car between Dallas and Austin we will be home somewhere around midnight. I appreciate all the best wishes and encouragement that we have received on this forum. Be safe until this passes. Richard
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