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  1. I have a "free" dinner as part of a promotion for a November Regal TA and was told to book it using DMW and would not be charged . Well I was charged so I am waiting for them to open up this morning so I can get the charge reversed. Hopefully there will not be a backlog of callers this morning because I spent an hour and 20 minutes yesterday on hold or speaking to someone that could not make the cancellation of charge.
  2. I have been able to book November 2021 and January 2022 using DMW.
  3. Update to my post #746 regarding Speciality Dining reservations: Long story short, there is no way at present to schedule Speciality Dining and use the promotion credits given when the cruise was booked. Over the past two days I spent two hours on the phone and the Navigator representative could not book the reservations without charging my credit card. She has logged a ticket with the developers and will email me when the bug is corrected. Everyone I talked to was very pleasant and they tried to resolve the problem but could not. I hope this and other issues are res
  4. Tedferg - When you pick a time it gives you a restaurant and a table size. In my case I asked for a table for 2 but if there were none available it gives my the option for 4, 6 or 8 dining. So not exactly a table size option but it should work with a lot of trial and error. I hope Princess improves this application so when you select the dining room, then table size and a list of times is made available. The current system is not transparent regarding availability of seating.
  5. The Personalizer is on the Princess website. - My Account - Upcoming Cruises - Manage This Booking This where you entered all the information in the past that is now in the Medallion App. If you want to be seated with others then just book a time with a table for 4,6, or 8. If you are traveling with friends then add them by "Add Quests" using their booking number when you make the reservation.
  6. Has anyone been able to schedule a Speciality Dining reservation? I am on a B2B on the Regal starting Oct.30,2021 and when I booked both cruises the promotion for a free Speciality Dining night per stateroom was in effect. When I try to use the DMW app it will let me schedule a reservation for me but wants to charge me $29 for my wife. I cannot get past this problem to even try to book the second cruise reservation. I spent an hour on the phone with Princess and just as the representative was trying to make the reservations for me they took the system down for an update. So I w
  7. I search YouTube for the ship and then find a cabin review for a similar cabin. Not perfect but it helps. Richard
  8. When I booked my November 2021 cruise it was not applied so I called my Travel Agent. She called Princess to that and my other scheduled cruises. My Carnival stock credit was also missing but I had to forward a current brokerage statement to show I still owned the stock.
  9. We have used it a couple times. Both times we were required to complete several forms and provide documentation which is to be expected. However, one that was just asinine like the charge for the ships doctor. The insurance does not cover any doctors charge outside US waters and only covers Medicare approved physicians. The incident occurred in Scotland and Medicare does not approve foreign certified doctors. The insurance company knows Medicare does not recognize Princess doctors but I still had to get a letter from Medicare stating that fact. I also had to provide proof that we were not
  10. Thanks, when I checked today everything was back to normal and my cruise was "available". I was a bit concerned yesterday because we are really interested in this trip. Richard
  11. $ beg3yrs I hope you are right.
  12. We have a cruise booked for Jan. 20, 2022 on the Diamond Princess to South America and Antartica. When checking today I see it listed as "Currently not available" so I am a little apprehensive because the last time this happened, last year for Pacific Princess, the cruise was cancelled. I also see Sapphire Princess is sailing in South America during this time, which was not the case before, so something is happening to the schedule. The companion cruise for Diamond on Jan. 4. 2022 is still listed as available. Does anyone have any insight on this issue? Richard
  13. Thanks JerrySueW, we are on the Jan. 20 sailing and I just refared to save $600 also. I checked my other two cruises but no change in price for those. Wichard
  14. Yes most balconies can be opened but when making a reservation check out the stateroom and pricing summary as it will state if it cannot be connected to the adjacent room.
  15. My October 2 Pacific Princess cruise that was cancelled over two months ago finally disappeared from my cruise personalizer. I was looking forward to two nights in Venice and the transatlantic trip on my favorite ship. It made me sad every time I looked at my future cruises and it was there at the top of the list. So now I am happy my next cruise is in 367 days. Hopefully things will be somewhat better by then and we are looking forward to returning to South America as our March Coral Princess cruise was tragically interrupted.
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