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  1. I’ve searched mine on YouTube and have always been able to find some info. Sometimes it’s not the exact ship but you can get a pretty good idea of what it entails. Most of the time, it’s the exact same.
  2. When we booked our suite, we were told they were adding the hot tub to the Retreat. After the drydock we were told (by Celebrity), plans for the Retreat were still moving forward, except for the hot tub. Overall isn't a huge deal for us but I will miss it just a little 😎
  3. I think the only thing I’ll miss is water in the Retreat. I was looking forward to being able to jump in the hot tub occasionally while relaxing on deck. I’ll treat myself to an extra drink and get over it I’m sure 😎😉
  4. I agree. I think those of us sailing in June wouldn’t have time to make a change at this point. I paid a premium to experience the suite on a refurbished ship and we won’t do that now, with very little real info until now. I have no doubt that we’ll have a great trip but I do feel a little disappointed that I’m not getting the exact trip I chose and planned.
  5. Hoping this is not correct, we sail in June and was looking forward to the Retreat upgrades.
  6. Sounds like you’re earning your vacation! Hopefully the rest is smooth sailing 😉
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