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  1. Taxi fare from Havensight to Sapphire is approximately $10 per person each way.
  2. Most people in the Virgin Islands use fresh herbs and peppers to season their food. Many use Goya Adobo and/or sofrito which are available at all the grocery stores. Bush tea is a local product which is an herb tea that is purported to have health benefits. Since many residents grow their own, one lady dries them so they can pass customs. Bay Rum and Soursop are popular. The purported health benefits are printed on the package. Teas sold at Waterfront Trading, too. The West Indies Bay Rum factory was damaged during the storm and I don't know that they'll ever reopen. They had great products. The big thing now is local beers and vodkas. L eatherback beer is made on St Croix and is sold in cans. Good souvenir if you drove to your port.
  3. Senor Frogs at Havensight had the best party during the day I have ever been to. So many fun contests and line dances. Really funny hosts. It appealed to men and women. And the employees were always prompt and lively.
  4. Waterfront Trading on the Waterfront on St Thomas has their own line of spice blends.
  5. There isn't an explanation at the 99 steps. In fact, there is no explanation of anything except for the statues that are nearby. Lots of historic buildings nearby and it's lovely to walk past the Lutheran Parsonage and Government House which is currently closed for repairs but the exterior didn't show signs of damage.
  6. Now I'm confused. There's a link to the Canon Club on The Gallery Inn site, but I just noticed it has a different address from The Inn so maybe it's separate. So here's the link to the Canon Club. https://www.thegalleryinn.com/cannonclub/
  7. I forgot to paste the link! The name of the place is The Gallery Inn. https://www.thegalleryinn.com/ Thank goodness it was still in the clipboard!
  8. This place offers evening concerts and is close to Ft El Morro. I did the electric boat in Vieques. It was really cool because you're higher up so you see more than from a kayak. We saw a sting ray gliding through the water. I've done the kayak twice. Lots of fun, too, because it's like playing bumper kayaks until you get out of the narrow channel and into the lagoon. I came a few days early so I could do the tours.
  9. Sunny Liston is a good guide and you should be able to join one of his group tours since it would be more expensive to book a private tour for 2 people.
  10. There's a guy at Pinones who offers a coconut workshop where he teaches you how to climb a coconut tree, open a coconut, and other things coconut. You have to reserve and you can probably find him by googling.
  11. Pinones is an area not too far from San Juan and is a natural, beautiful area. Here's a link to a description, but it doesn't do it justice. There are tidepools, bike rentals, and eateries. https://www.puertoricobygps.com/pinones-beach/
  12. Anybody can go to any resort beach and eat at the restaurants. Emerald Beach Resort offers chair rentals, but Sapphire Beach Resort and Marina does, too. Only resort guests can use the pool. You don't really need a day pass because everything is a la carte.
  13. How many in your group? Do you want a private tour? What are your primary interests?
  14. Yes, the Historical Trust had a museum in town, but it showcased Danish history and merchant class living ignoring the pirate history. There used to be a museum in Fort Christian, and there are some period pieces there now to recreate the look of the era.
  15. I don't ever remember there being a pirate museum in town. A friend of mine who is from the VI loves pirates and she would have mentioned it. She was very excited to hear about the pirate museum, but I don't think she's had a chance to see it when she goes to visit.
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