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  1. Magens is the closest beach but you need to take a taxi. Magens has pedal boats, kayaks, paddleboards. Usually calm water. Sandy bottom.
  2. The pina colada was invented at Barrachina Restaurant. It's a very popular place.
  3. Ms411


    Barrachina has flamenco on Saturday nights only. The show at Triana is very good.
  4. You can do night kayaking at Condado Lagoon. Short drive from Old San Juan.
  5. Moe's is convenient if you're coming from Crown Bay (Royal Caribbean ships), but for all other ships it's convenient to stop at the convenience store at the 1Stop gas station. Prices about the same and more convenient.
  6. They were damaged in the hurricane but they plan to bring them back. They had a few golf carts taking people around the when we were there in Oct. If you Google Old San Juan golf carts you should find the info.
  7. The distance to the Havensight shops varies depending on your ship's position at the dock. If your ship is at the end of the dock there is usually a shuttle that will take passengers closer to the shops. If your ship is in the other positions that are closer to the shops there may not be a shuttle waiting but there may be one passing by.
  8. Cowpet is the closest car rental agency to the Crown Bay dock. They do NOT have a website and are located in the building with the Mazda dealership. You have to call them for info during regular business hours. 340.775.7376. Many rental agencies on the island will bring a car to your location. P'Dise car rental is one. https://www.facebook.com/pdiseincjeep/
  9. Last I heard access to it had been restricted somehow unless you can get to it from the water. I think the postings were somewhere on Facebook.
  10. Morningstar is closed until the resort reopens. Access blocked. Water calmer at Emerald. Most of the flights come and go in the afternoon. You can't really see the airport or runway from Emerald beach because of the hotel and the trees that line the road. You would have to stand on the side of the road to see the planes take off. You may see some planes flying high overhead, though.
  11. Brewers doesn't rent chairs and only has food trucks. Taxis may discourage you from going there because it's mostly a local beach and they can't get passengers from Brewers so they drive back empty.
  12. Yes, I understand that, but I don't want people to get confused about the fares. I was confused when I first looked at it, then I figured out why.
  13. The rates from airport to Red Hook and airport to town are for private taxis. The posted rates at the airport show public taxi rates which are priced per person. The rates from the airport shouldn't be on a sign showing rates from Crown Bay.
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