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  1. Ms411

    San Juan at night?

    Reservations not needed. According to the schedule I picked up show is 7:30 except on Fri and Sat at 8:30 and no show on Monday. Barrachina, home of the pina colada, has a flamenco show only on Saturday right now per the sign in January 2019. I went to a show in Condado a few years ago and it was different, but not necessarily better, than the one at Triana. You'll be happy no matter which show you attend. The people in PR have high entertainment standards regardless of price so just go to whatever when you get a chance! Entertainment in Caribbean is cheap compared to US. $3,600 minimum Superbowl ticket? That's just one example.
  2. Ms411

    San Juan at night?

    The flamenco show at Triana Restaurant on Recinto St is not to be missed. They have a show every night but Monday. You have to spend minimum of $20 on food/drink. It's an incredible show. I've seen it 3 times and going again in Oct before my cruise. I bought the CD, too.
  3. Ms411

    Hamilton in San Juan, through Jan 27

    Many people who had been standing in line for hours did not get tickets and each person was limited to 2 tickets. I wouldn't it for cruise passengers.
  4. Ms411

    Beach Experience near St Thomas Flyboarding

    The beach is right there so you should be able to relax at the beach after your turn. Most of the adventure tours are expensive and one reason is because of the high cost of insurance.
  5. I agree with you on sparking beverages. Yes, you can take a cooler to any St Thomas beach.
  6. Ms411

    Private tour to St. John from St. Thomas

    So you want a private charter for 10-12 people that will take you to St John to snorkel? Which ship are you on? There are 2 docks and some private charters are closer to a particular dock.
  7. Ms411


    What ship are you on? Are you docking at Havensight? If so, consider going to the new "beer barn" Rock City Beer "brewtique" across from Tap and Still. They sell craft beer made in St Thomas and you can buy it by the glass or in howlers and growlers. They also sell a locally made vodka. Tap and Still also has a large beer selection and a lively atmosphere. No need to go to town if you only want to drink beer.
  8. Ms411

    Beach Experience near St Thomas Flyboarding

    If they have reopened Emerald Beach Resort is close to where they operated from. They may be another casualty of the storm.
  9. Ms411


    I most certainly will!
  10. Ms411


    Papa Bear lost a lot during the storm and has been spending lots of time in the States for family reasons. David is a nice guy. Dawuud of http://www.CaribbeanHistoricalTours.com is also good and can accommodate your group.
  11. Chairs are $9 at Sapphire. Snorkel gear is approximately $10.
  12. Emerald Beach is the closest beach to Crown Bay and has all the amenities since it's on a small resort property of same name. Nicer than Morningstar, imo, because water usually calmer. Taxi should be $4 per person each way.
  13. Ms411

    Botanical Garden Tours

    There aren't any regular independent tours to the botanical gardens, but they usually have taxi drivers that they work with. I was looking at the Phantasea site the other week, and I seem to remember reading that. St Peters Great House has not reopened after the storm. Plantation Crown and Hawk is the other botanical garden and it did survive the storm and is open. Unfortunately I haven't been to either yet so can't compare them.
  14. Ms411

    Carnival Paradise Point Excursion Question

    Yes, you can go whenever, I think you can go more than once. Morning pics are better because afternoon the sun faces your camera. New restaurant with Mexican theme.
  15. Many taxi drivers at the dock offer island tours that take you to town for about 1.5 hours or so. You can use that time to visit the synagogue and meet the taxi at the designated time to resume your island tour.