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  1. I can't say for certain for your phone but I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 and you cannot use the phone as a hotspot to another wifi network... only to the phone data network so the answer is probably no.
  2. My mini-suite is not club class unfortunately 😞
  3. Look at cabin S110 on Sun Deck... it is a Vista Suite Category S6
  4. Looking at this again I think for me yes, I would like full suite benefits but it would depend very much on the price. At the moment the full suite is about $800 dollars each extra for this 14 night cruise so I am still on the fence. Right now I am not changing and I will wait to see what the prices do. It it gets down to nearer $500 each extra I might do it.
  5. Lots of good comments. Thanks. We are still deciding but I think that we may stick with then mini-suite as we don't consider that the cabin is a huge upgrade and I don't go up in the grade of cabin if it is just for the benefits.
  6. Thanks everyone. Worth asking the question then. I tried calling this morning but had to hang up after 30 mins. I'll try again tomorrow.
  7. This is proving to be a tough one for us. We have read the details about each, read the benefits of having a full suite and we do understand the benefits/differences, yet we can't decide. We are on Sky BTW. We have booked a mini-suite deck 14 R414 which is midships with a larger balcony. The Vista suite is at the front on deck 17 S112 so it is right at the front and 3 decks higher up. So we get the suite experience but we would be much further away from most locations on the ship and have to contend with a front, high cabin and all that means should we hit rough seas. The Vista suite is £600 ($825) per person extra. I realise this is so very much personal preference so I aren't really looking for advice... just your thoughts and experience that might help us decide. TIA
  8. It seems that the onboard experience might be variable ship to ship. We were on Sky a few weeks ago and we saw no one inside not wearing masks. Yes, a few people did push their luck a bit in the theatre but not many considering IMO. Our International Cafe service was bad on day 1. We reported it to Guest Services and it picked up to an excellent service for the rest of the cruise.
  9. Isn't the Cruise with Confidence (which is what you are talking about I think) only applicable if you are inside the final payment date... so inside 60 days? https://www.princess.com/plan/cruise-with-confidence/cancellation-final-payment-policy/
  10. Thanks... it would have to drop another £500 to make it worthwhile as I would then lose the deposit of around £800. I wonder if I called to upgrade to a full suite (it is currently a mini-suite) whether they might allow us to keep our deposit or would they cancel the original booking (so losing the deposit) and then just start a new booking requiring another deposit?
  11. I have asked this as a separate thread. Sorry. I tried to delete my post but it is probably too long after posting so it won't allow me to.
  12. I have never refared. I am in the UK and booked direct with Princess... is refaring (if that is a verb!) even possible for me? Our price has dropped over £400 since we booked 😞 How do I go about it?
  13. I haven't ever refared. I am in the UK and booked direct with Princess... is refaring (if that is a verb!) even possible for me? Our price has dropped over £400 since we booked 😞
  14. To those that suggested that I just go to the bar... in the UK there is no service allowed at the bar and you are sent away. Waiters or the app... that is the only way to order. Regarding the drinks package on P&O... I would never take the drinks package on P&O. It is very expensive and in any case, drinks are more at UK prices and they sell UK beers so I am more likely to drink beer than on a Princess ship (which does not sell UK beers) where I drink more cocktails.
  15. Just back from a 4N on Sky. It was my first Princess cruise so the first time I used the MedallionClass for anything. The build up went well and we quickly got to "Green Lane" so our set up was good and throughout the cruise we had few issues except for some problems logging in from time to time. However, our biggest issue was with the OceanNow when ordering drinks. We were on the Plus fare so we had the drinks package and this is where it went pear-shaped. When each ordering a drink through the app we had to do it separately. I couldn't order for both of us or else I would be charged for the second drink. This meant that our drinks arrived at different times (sometimes I had drunk mine before hers arrived!) and it also meant that it took 2 crew members to deliver. Clearly this means that if twice as many crew were needed than was strictly necessary. This became very frustrating and meant that if we wanted to have a drink together then we couldn't use the app. I realise why they have done it... to ensure that a person on the package does not order more than one drink for themselves. But they really do have to find a way to allow one person in a group to place an order for the rest of the cabin occupants when all are on the package perhaps requiring validation of they medallions on delivery. It could easily be done. It really must be done if we are to do a longer cruise with Princess. We have a 14N booked in April... at the moment I am considering whether to cancel and rebook a similar cruise with P&O.
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