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  1. I agree... not against masks or other sensible precautions... but it isn't "a little"... making all indoor bars sip and cover is a major change IMO and it will spoil the bar experience for me completely. For my cruise I will only use the outdoor bars and my cabin... that is no way to cruise and if I could think of a way to cancel and not lose my money I would. Totally agree... this is not a sensible preecaution and I suspect it may actually put us at more risk that it prevents. The bars, when seated, are already a low=risk area... making us touch our masks (which might be contaminated), then our glass which is then going to our mouth, just seems crazy in the extreme. I won't do it. I am not saying I will ignore the rules but I won't use any bar where it is sip and cover. My cruise starts tomorrow. Normally I am very excited... now I am just angry at Princess and wishing not to go... but I can't throw away the best part of £5000 - so we go, follow the rules but restricted to where we can go. 😞
  2. Asked again for FCC today... still no... and this against a backdrop of very high covid cases and rising (nearly 50,000 today!!!) and talk of the government implementing Plan B (whatever that turns out to be it will be too little too late as seems to be our government's habit!). So it is looking like I will have to go on this cruise. I realise that Princess won't lose sleep over losing one customer but it will be my last Princess cruise. I am certain I would get better treatment from P&O.
  3. Seems like no one at Princess know what is going on themselves!!! Crazy!
  4. Exactly, the same IIRC is true on Carnival. This sip and cover is nothing to do with safety IMO regardless of what they say. There is no precedent and no evidence to support it anywhere.
  5. But isn't your cruise 7 days? For 7 day cruises the sip and cover rule does not apply in the bars! It is only cruises of more than 10 days... like our cruise which is 14 days.
  6. Well... that will be when I stop sailing Princess. The activities part of the app is almost unusable so if I can't get a Patter then I'm out (yet another reason!)
  7. No, but the CDC require all ships returning to the USA to be covid free for the 14 days prior to their return. So IMO, it is more to do with Princess wanting to keep a completely clean sheet for the CDC so they can carry on with their USA cruise schedule than with passenger health.
  8. Thanks for the discussion. I think everything has been said that can be said and I really appreciate the different perspectives... given me something to think about. I still don't like the sip and cover rule. I think it might have more to do with the CDC than with our health but I have no evidence of that. I like even less the fact that princess will not give FCC and that really is the bigger story here. So I am ending the discussion here. Thanks again
  9. This could be at the heart of it. The cruise after ours on Sky is the transatlantic so they want to give them a clean bill of health for the CDC... I actually have no issue with that if that is what they have decided to do but it should not be at the expense of those passengers that don't want to cruise under those rules. I should get a refund or at least FCC.
  10. That should have read under 10 days... not 10 days or under... the rule applies to cruises of 10 days or longer.
  11. Sure... your cruise is 10 days or under I expect... that is the rule for cruises of 10 days or under. For those over 10 days the rule is sip and cover at all times everywhere indoors... the restaurants are excepted!!!
  12. Just got confirmation of this rule from Princess. I asked to cancel. I will lose the entire cruise cost. I am putting in a formal complaint to Princess about this. This will significantly impact on my cruise experience and so I want to be able to cancel without penalty. They have so far said no. I will be pursuing this right up to departure and if I can't cancel without penalty then I will be taking it up with Guest Services and the senior officers on board. I feel conned by Princess. If they don't make this right... either by changing the rule (not likely) or by at least giving me FCC then I will never cruise Princess again. Even if they don't and I have to cruise then I will be staying in my room and not using the bars. What a waste of £5000 that would be.
  13. Yes, I know about the passage contract. BTW, that contract does not apply to my cruise probably because we are in the UK but similar clauses do appear in our contract. The thing is this... Princess says that these changes will not amount to a significant change and so no compensation will be offered and cancellation is not allowed without penalty... what I have an issue with is not that they are introducing a change but a) what they consider significant clearly is not that same as what I consider significant b) That they introduce these changes without a sensible warning period and without our right to cancel with FCC at least and c) They are introducing measures that do significantly and materially affect our experience without any justification... e.g. there is nothing preventing me sitting next to another couple on a cushioned bench seat in the restaurant and talking to another couple less than 2m away for 1 1/2 hours while we have dinner without our masks and yet we cannot do the same in a bar with a drink. I would not be at all surprised that if this was challenged in court that it would be deemed an unfair change. In fact, looking at the contract as a whole I wouldn't be at all surprised it it was deemed to be an unfair contract under English law (I am no lawyer... just my opinion).
  14. Sad to hear about people catching covid. IMO lateral flow testing should be done at very regular intervals on any cruise... at least every 2-3 days. Covid can test positive in 3 days after contact so why aren't the cruise lines taking this seriously? To test before and then not again until disembarkation is not adequate to catch infections and stop transmission.
  15. Perhaps it is... many of those so called "perks" are in all cabins... refrigerator, TV, hairdryer, safe etc... so they aren't perks of the mini-suites... just things that are available. Thanks... I think I have misread the details and I get it now 🙂
  16. This is from the PDF on Club Class Mini-Suites... PLUS all the comforts of our standard Mini-Suites • Princess Luxury Bed • Welcome glass of champagne • Complimentary fresh fruit upon request • Separate seating area with a sofabed • Balcony with patio furniture • Spacious closet • Two flat-panel televisions • Private bathroom with combination tub and shower^ • Massage showerhead • 100% cotton luxury towels • Luxurious Jacquard-woven cotton linens • Plush European style duvets • Feather and non-allergenic pillows • Conditioning shampoo, shower gel, lotion • Satellite TV, refrigerator, hair dryer, safe, closet, phone and desk • 110-volt, 60-cycle alternating current (AC) with standard U.S. plug fittings • Evening bed turn-down, chocolates on your pillow • Twice daily housekeeping service https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/ships/club-class/ClubClass-eFlyer.pdf
  17. If fruit is so readily available as is suggested how can it be considered a perk of the mini suite?
  18. LOL! It is meant to be delivered to the room as a perk of a mini-suite so why would I want to do that 😮
  19. Sure... thanks... that is what I have seen on the Princess web site... my question though... is it actually available? A lot of little perks like these have been stopped because of covid.
  20. I am on the cruise after yours I think (depart 22nd October). They seem to be increasing capacity on each sailing so I would expect ours to sail at about 2500.
  21. Rules are good. They protect us all when we don't necessarily know we need protection. But the sip and cover rules is not going to protect anyone any appreciable amount as far as I can see. I am on Sky next week for 14N... I have decided that I will follow the sip and cover rule when it makes sense... if I am in a crowded bar and there is little space between us then it makes sense to wear masks no matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient it is. I can always choose to go somewhere less crowded if I don't like it. But if I have space around me and I don't consider it any risk then I will not be sipping and covering. I feel very uncomfortable not complying but not because I feel I would be increase the covid risk but because I don't like breaking rules. I am the kind of person that always follows rules and it is alien for me to not do so. But on this occasion I will make an exception. I am not having my cruise ruined (it would ruin the cruise for me because I spend a lot of time in the bars!) because of some arbitrary rule that has nothing to support it. I guess this is a result of the increased capacity. I suspect that they need to increase capacity for financial reasons and so felt that have to do something to counteract the increased risk. The thing is that I am convinced this new rule will not actually reduce the risk by any appreciable amount. I am not sure how the crew will handle those that don't comply... we will see.
  22. This is really difficult for me because basically I follow rules. I am generally not one to rebel or to push things to the limit except when I feel it necessary. On this occasion I want to comply simply because it is a rule and I should follow the rules but I am struggling to justify this one. I would like to see the justification. Are cruises of over 10 nights getting many more breakthrough cases? I have not seen any statistics to suggest that anywhere. If they have no evidence, and are not prepared to make that evidence open to public scrutiny, then it is just an arbitrary rules and I am not inclined to comply. I am a huge supporter of masks and totally comply normally so don't think I am a mask basher. I strongly believe that they do help to prevent the spread of covid and so I am a supporter of masks when it makes sense. But sip and cover simply does not make sense. So, wearing a mask when moving around? yes, of course. But I am dead against wearing masks when seated in a bar, with excellent aircon. This rule was sprung on us a week before our cruise... that is just not fair. We took a 4 night cruise in September to see if we could cruise with the mask rules. We decided it was OK because when seated with a drink we could remove the mask. So we booked a longer cruise and this happens. We would have book a shorter cruise if we had known.
  23. We noticed that fresh fruit is meant to be available on request when in mini-suites... is this still available or has it gone due to covid? Do you also get champagne to welcome you on board? Sailing next week on Sky from Southampton.
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