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  1. Normally I'd agree but what we saw this past year....folks were on another level to put it nicely. Routinely banging into our stroller, pushing it, stepping on it -- it was a mess. Don't even get me started on the ECV one of our family members had - but essentially it seems like people really hate disabled folks...they really do Anyway, we'll never be back at that time of year again. We said "HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH" sarcastically for the entirety of the two weeks because everyone around us looked and acted completely miserable the entire time. Very rare to encounter folks who even held a door open behind them like that is how wild it was - where were even basic manners? guess we'll never know. but we've never experienced the kind of vitriol and flat out rudeness anywhere in the world (and we're from New York City okay supposedly the rudest city in the world or whatever) as we did those two weeks at Disney World it was WILD
  2. sorry (not sorry) but your way of thinking is what keeps people in prison for minor infractions (just an example) for extended amounts of time wasting tax payer dollars and lets other very guilty people walk free bc our prisons are too overcrowded to keep them
  3. No according to Puerto Rican authorities he'd be charged with negligent MANSLAUGHTER. for a tragic accident. Yes people should take responsibility when they make mistakes however this very much seems like an accident not you know...murder... so no I do not think that her grandfather should be in PRISON wasting tax payer dollars over a tragic accident that he's going to torture himself over as long as he lives anyway
  4. tbh this is a very bad example because we were at Disney for two weeks over the Christmas holiday and the safest place for kids was on their parents shoulders. Really rude and NASTY people in every single park were pushing with no regard for who they were pushing. Older folks? Pushed. Children? Pushed. Pregnant women? PUSHED. Parents with babies literally in their arms? PUSHED to the ground. Yeah we actually saw someone elbow a woman with a baby in her arms so hard she fell to the floor - for no reason. Anyone's kids could've fallen and gotten trampled with the way grown adults behaved in Disney World just this past Christmas. It comes down to selfishness
  5. Based on the videos and pics from the other thread on this I don't think it was obvious at all that it wasn't glass actually. It was their first day on the ship and it seems like a BUNCH of the windows are always open so it kind of just looks like a pattern of some blue windows and some clear windows. I know if it was my first day on the ship and I wasn't the type of person to look this stuff up beforehand - I wouldn't just expect that some of those would actually be open and not just clear windows. The family isn't trying to buy away their grief or accept responsibility at all. They're facing actual legal charges from the Puerto Rican authorities they 1000% needed a lawyer yall are so messed up that YOU have to toss blame and accusations around at the people who are enduring the tragedy. The way folks are so callous on these boards when something tragic could happen to ANYONE is just on another level...
  6. well Puerto Rico has pretty strict laws about negligent manslaughter in which the grandfather could be charged for so they absolutely 5000% need a lawyer immediately... not everything is about money...
  7. I have never ever seen a Havana wristband being sold on eBay and if you go search right now there are zero results...
  8. I hope that they let her go in with you guys. You paid a premium for the Family Harbor room as well so everyone talking about Havana leeches or whatever are just being mean
  9. so glad to hear they'll make it right!!
  10. for US citizens sure, but under GDPR which is in effect for all EU citizens all you have to do is request a copy of the information a company has on you and they have to provide all their data to you as is with no edits/changes and within a timely manner. So, if an EU customer requested their info and received something that noted they were a problem customer (because Royal would not be allowed to delete that before sending it along) for example, you know it would turn into an outrage echoed across all customers everywhere especially the ones who can't legally request their file as easily to see what RC said about them (aka US folks). so RCI wouldn't risk bringing themselves that kind of negative media attention by putting those kinds of notes on customer files
  11. Thank you for asking this! I saw this too and I was like "??? so is it 273 per day or for the whole voyage?" really confusing. Maybe because it's so early for me (over a year out) they didn't proofread
  12. I don't think they would do that under GDPR. Even though that only really is for folks living in the EU my company still had to do a major overhaul to our information security systems globally to make sure we were in compliance even though we're not in the EU (but we deal with EU customers so...). Anyway they'd be in big trouble if a person requested to see everything the company had on them and they read that they labelled them a chronic complainer or problem customer. Wouldn't be a good look for them
  13. ... I thought they were part of the pre-paid grats...does this mean we need to bring more money on the cruise for tipping even though we pre-paid? Why wouldn't they be included????
  14. uh yeah drinking and eating things there is literally what people are dying of and the government is trying to cover it up saying perfectly healthy folks had diseases they did not have so...
  15. Hopefully there will be some reviews that are a bit more specific to this route after the one that leaves this November but it's killing me in the meantime because I want to know what folks have thought ahahaha
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