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  1. I have never seen anyone on these boards say that...not ever. I've only seen folks talk about how unacceptable it is to share and why don't people understand that 🙈
  2. Oh also - I realized I forgot to answer about the talking question! In my experience at Benihana there’s a fair bit of “performance” by the chefs but there’s definitely time to talk in between and that’s not been considered rude to do. We talked to each other and to the other family we were sitting with more than a few times and it was always totally fine. We also got really excited about some of the tricks and were like “OMG look at that!!!” to my niece and it was always fine. Unless people were upset and they never told us but generally I find you can feel the upset vibe if there is one and we’ve never felt it. Talking was totally allowed and picture/video taking was encouraged (again, at Benihana at least, idk if the ship will have different expectations)
  3. Agreed!! I think there's a balance to it and the issue is definitely when parents/caregivers won't leave the situation when the child is not behaving appropriately or don't think that certain behavior is an issue when it is. I generally think it's a disaster to go into something thinking they'll misbehave though because if you're expecting that the chances of it happening are higher you know? But if you spot that something is amiss then the right course of action is always to remove them and yourself from the experience. I've seen a handful of moms do that quite successfully and I've gotta hand it to them because it's difficult as heck and I'm only an Aunt
  4. just wanted to add: I think the kids will each count as a person at the table so the high chairs wouldn't be smushed in with 6 other people taking up their space. It would most likely be that only 4 other people would join the table and I think they'd do their best to seat you guys with another family if possible tbh. in my experience cruise lines have been really considerate about that when they're managing reservations
  5. I completely disagree that it's not the place for kids and that it's not toddler friendly. I haven't been to Teppanyaki on a ship before (none of the ships we've been on have had that option before the one coming up this December where we have a reservation for my niece's 5th birthday) but we've been to Benihana countless times with my niece starting when she was just 1.5 years old and she's always loved it. We never had a problem with our table mates (as far as we know anyway) thinking she wasn't behaving or acting out of line and ruining the experience for them. It's really a fun time and in our experience, at Benihana at least, the chefs pay special attention to the kids and try and amaze them which was extra fun to watch. To see the tricks they do myself is obviously awesome, but to also see how much my niece LOVED seeing them as well was well worth any dirty looks we might not have noticed we were receiving. My niece really loved the onion volcano and the fried rice heart the most, but she's always leaned into the artsy side so she really just overall enjoyed watching the chef perform the knife tricks. I personally don't think it's dangerous and yes they do throw utensils up in the air, but as far as I know they're trained really well because if they hurt people - that's a lawsuit you know? The first few times we took my niece we went for Lunch so maybe that was a different type of crowd and it might benefit you to try and get the earliest seating to avoid possible attitudes about kids ruining dinner. I think also just make sure that the 2.5 year old will eat the fried rice (ex. my niece is: Picky. so we did a sort of trial run with just takeout chinese fried rice before the first time we went to Benihana just to make sure she'd actually eat rice because she has always refused to eat meat so we knew she wouldn't partake in that part and we didn't want to starve her at the restaurant hahaha) and you should be good to go. You can always hype it up to them and be like "we're going somewhere super fun to eat super yummy food!!!" and they'll automatically be excited because you've already framed it that way for them. The chances of them having a good time are higher just bc they're already excited and are looking at it in a positive light Also, the huge benefit of doing that type of meal on a ship is that if they don't like it or don't actually eat much (I'm looking at my niece who recently has started taking one tiny bite and saying she's full...until we leave the restaurant and suddenly she's STARVING XD) you can pop by the buffet and get them some mac and cheese (my niece's main food group) right after tl;dr - just take them! it's really fun and they would probably love it. Yummy food and fun entertainment! An all around awesome experience for the whole family in my very personal opinion. p.s. - if you don't expose kids to different experiences and teach them how to behave in restaurants then they'll never learn how to behave in restaurants. Then you'll be stuck only able to go to like McDonald's forever (this is not a knock against MickeyD's whose chicken nuggets I would die for) because you're afraid their behavior will make fellow diners upset at more "upscale" restaurants like...that kind of thinking will just hold you back from experiencing awesome things with them. We find my niece behaves "better" in restaurants than some of her peers because we started taking her when she was really little and made it a normal thing instead of waiting until she was older and more "ready" to be seen out in certain kinds of restaurants with us. Our expectations were always that she behaved in general and that extended to restaurants and if she didn't (kids are tiny humans - they have meltdowns it happens, and I can't blame them bc I wanna have meltdowns all the time too) then we just left. Like...everyone said "dONT take a 2 year old to Cinderella's Royal Table at Disney World she's going to ruin the meal for other older kids who've waited a long time to meet Princesses!!!!" and my niece was better behaved than most of the adults there and //I// got to meet princesses, so... idk. We've never used an iPad or a phone to distract her into behaving either, though we do bring emergency snack packs (think gold fish, pretzels, actual bread rolls lol, etc) in case she needs to munch on something before the food arrives. YMMV but just my experience has been positive to exposing kids to stuff early - they seem to thrive on learning new things and actually do enjoy doing more "grown up" stuff with you when you don't automatically assume they won't behave *shrugs*
  6. Interesting!! Mine for the Horizon in December still has the Reservation request forms
  7. Yes we're still well before Final Payment (I'm just excited so checking it out on the NCL website all the time) and she mentioned I could call back if I saw another one but I know sometimes what you get told over the phone may not be the most accurate info. Thanks for letting me know! That's really helpful to know and I'll keep it in mind once we hit final payment
  8. wait so I'm confused. I just saw a price drop and called NCL and asked if we could adjust our pricing to the price drop. She did me one better and added the 20% NCL lat discount in addition to the price drop and we kept our same room number and pre-paid grat. and so on. Does that mean if there's another price drop I can't call to try and adjust pricing because I already did it once? Obviously, the 20% off won't last forever and that's something to take into consideration (aka not having it if we tried to adjust due to another price drop) in the future but are you guys saying that's it? That they won't adjust it again because we already asked them to adjust it once?
  9. Hi there,Newbie to airline miles/rewards travel and hoping some of you might have some knowledge on this! I opened an AAdvantage business credit card a while back and earned enough miles for a round-trip award flight for me + 3 companions for our cruise which was really exciting. I booked the tickets and paid the taxes/fees with my AAdvantage Credit Card and it has been ticketed - this was months ago. Unfortunately, in the time between booking that flight and now I've had to close the card. SO the question is: Will we loose all the card benefits associated for the flight because I no longer have the card when we fly? One of the companions is convinced that we'll still receive the one free checked bag per person because I had the card when the flight was booked, but I truly just don't have any idea how any of this works. Obviously, it would be great to still receive those perks for this flight but I don't want to just assume we will because it was booked when I still had the card. Since it was already ticketed with the information that I was a card holder does that make a difference?all insight is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!!
  10. about how long was the walk there?
  11. What about for kids? We'll be at sea the day of my niece's birthday, do you think they might do anything special? like if you had to give it a percentage - what percentage do you think it is that they might surprise her with like a special slice of cake at dinner or something? We've cruised for birthdays before but never on the actual day of any of our birthdays (usually after) so this is a new one for us : )
  12. Normally I'd agree but what we saw this past year....folks were on another level to put it nicely. Routinely banging into our stroller, pushing it, stepping on it -- it was a mess. Don't even get me started on the ECV one of our family members had - but essentially it seems like people really hate disabled folks...they really do Anyway, we'll never be back at that time of year again. We said "HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH" sarcastically for the entirety of the two weeks because everyone around us looked and acted completely miserable the entire time. Very rare to encounter folks who even held a door open behind them like that is how wild it was - where were even basic manners? guess we'll never know. but we've never experienced the kind of vitriol and flat out rudeness anywhere in the world (and we're from New York City okay supposedly the rudest city in the world or whatever) as we did those two weeks at Disney World it was WILD
  13. sorry (not sorry) but your way of thinking is what keeps people in prison for minor infractions (just an example) for extended amounts of time wasting tax payer dollars and lets other very guilty people walk free bc our prisons are too overcrowded to keep them
  14. No according to Puerto Rican authorities he'd be charged with negligent MANSLAUGHTER. for a tragic accident. Yes people should take responsibility when they make mistakes however this very much seems like an accident not you know...murder... so no I do not think that her grandfather should be in PRISON wasting tax payer dollars over a tragic accident that he's going to torture himself over as long as he lives anyway
  15. tbh this is a very bad example because we were at Disney for two weeks over the Christmas holiday and the safest place for kids was on their parents shoulders. Really rude and NASTY people in every single park were pushing with no regard for who they were pushing. Older folks? Pushed. Children? Pushed. Pregnant women? PUSHED. Parents with babies literally in their arms? PUSHED to the ground. Yeah we actually saw someone elbow a woman with a baby in her arms so hard she fell to the floor - for no reason. Anyone's kids could've fallen and gotten trampled with the way grown adults behaved in Disney World just this past Christmas. It comes down to selfishness
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