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  1. I have an answer to the question I asked in case anyone wonders in the future: NCL (or maybe the port) will shuttle people from one terminal to another on buses. We ended up parking at Park Port Canaveral and they were fine, although they were hard to find at the end of the cruise because they were parked in a different location than the rest of the shuttles. One of the other shuttle companies helped us find them.
  2. Even though it's more expensive, my husband and I like parking at the terminal because it's easy and we don't have to wait on shuttles. However, we are on the Norwegian Sun from December 17-22 and according to the port schedule, it looks like we leave from terminal 10 and come back into terminal 5 (because the larger Bliss is in port for the day). If we leave our car at terminal 10 and have to walk to it, how far is that? It looks a long ways on the map. Is that doable? Should we park somewhere in the middle or off-site? Our scheduled arrival time is 10-10:30. Is Norwe
  3. I had a problem, and it wasn't my browser. It kept erasing my phone number every time I entered it and told me that my contact info wasn't complete, yet it gave me no error message. Finally, I decided to try putting a 1 in front of my phone number and it took it. If it wanted that, I wish it would have said that or given an example.
  4. Hubby and I always use the Propel packets to flavor our water.
  5. Thanks for the review! We leave on the Sun in 12 days, and I'm always interested in hearing others thoughts. Any suggestions or tips? We've cruised multiple times on Carnival, but this is our first NCL cruise. We're looking forward to it.
  6. Thanks for the port map. My husband and I were planning to park at the port for our December 17 cruise on the Sun. However, I looked at the Port Canaveral schedule and it shows that we will leave from Terminal 10 and return on December 22 to Terminal 5. From looking at the map, I can tell those two are really far apart. What's the situation in that case for those parking at the port? (And, yes, I know it's cheaper to park off site. That may be what we end up doing.)
  7. I tried one more thing before I called NCL. I added a 1 in front of our phone numbers and it finally save it and showed it as complete! I wish they had specified that. I would have entered it that way days ago.
  8. I'm not able to complete my check in. The only thing my summary says is incomplete is Contact Info. All the other info is fine, but the form won't save our Primary Phone Numbers. I've entered them several times, but it never shows as complete and each time I click on that section, the Primary Phone Number is empty. Am I doing something wrong, or do others have this issue? I'm not able to print my boarding passes without completing this section. TIA
  9. Thanks so much for your great review of the trip! I just booked the Sun for a cruise next month, so I was happy to see your photos, and was really glad to see that you posted the menus! Looks like y'all had a great time!
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