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  1. Hi all, quick question but if you live in the uk can you book your cruise from Royal Caribbean.com instead? The reason I ask is there would be a saving of over £250 per person compared to the UK site.
  2. As said above. He has been to medical twice, first charge was $151 and second was $48.
  3. To fix the problem ahead of its scheduled due date next year would require dry dock and probably a week. Who’s cruise are they going to cancel.........YOURS, maybe someone else’s🤔? They are doing their best with the situation to accommodate everyone with the least disruption.
  4. I think the big problem is we were off ship at 7:30 to 1:30pm and none of the shops were open until 9:30 so you basically walked around with little to do. For us it wasn’t great as the place isn’t really set up for wheelchairs so it was a struggle and we ended up heading back to the ship at 10am.
  5. We are UK citizens, I’m think that due to the fact it’s Sunday to call out a doctor would be considerably more than running down to the medical team on the ship. He’s on antibiotics but would like someone professional to take a quick look and advise whether to keep it covered or let the air at it, also whether to bath it regularly or not. Last year we didn’t make our holiday, in the airport he took very unwell and was rushed by ambulance to hospital for several days. To say we are nervous would be an understatement. We have insurance cover, this is more about a quick check to see if everything is ok.
  6. We are about to board the Allure today but the son has a very sore thumb, full of pus and inflamed. We feel we need to seek medical advice as soon as we board just for our own peace of mind and to stop it getting worse. Whats to updated costs of seeing the doctor?
  7. I honestly thought my 12th May Cruise was duplicated on the 26th, meaning western Caribbean one cruise and eastern the next and then back again to the western. Did not expect the itinerary to change.
  8. They changing the itinerary again? We are doing back to back cruises starting the 12th May & 19th May, our stops were originally ST KITTS & NEVIS, ST. THOMAS (now SAN JUAN) & BAHAMAS first cruise then LABADEE, JAMAICA & COZUMEL on the second. When was ST. MAARTEN added and to the same cruise as LABADEE? I’m confused.
  9. Agreed, demanding this fix ASAP so everything goes back to normal is very unfair to those that might lose their cruise. We are coming from the UK, our flights weren’t purchased through RC so when this issue came public knowledge I quickly did a search of possible alternative to our holiday in the Florida area. I am much happier with a port change than a cancelled cruise and the turmoil involved to sorting something different for my family. What RC are doing it the most logical thing IMO.
  10. Totally missing the point I was making. Some here are complaining about a port change and demanding compensation when the real loser in this is St Thomas.
  11. Thats great that Oasis is back up and running. Though what about the passengers who were redirected on to the Allure, are they going to be placed back on the Oasis now? My original point was less about if they would cancel a cruise to sort out the issue it was more about putting the port changes into perspective compared to the affect this will have on the St Thomas businesses. RC are soldiering on and making the best alternative, it’s not like this is the first time this particular issue has raised its ugly head and back then they did exactly the same thing they are doing now. I fully understand people are expecting everything to go according to plan and get upset when this doesn’t happen but in the grand scheme of life this is like a pothole on a very long road.
  12. So you think with Oasis already out that they will take the Allure out as well, especially since a lot of the Oasis passengers have been transferred on to the Allure. i don’t think so.
  13. I am not sure if it there was a drydock available that RC would be doing it. You need to consider that to carry out the repairs would require pulling at least one cruise affectingly cancelling the holiday of almost 6000 people, I reckon RC are doing the only responsible thing to keep everyone as happy as possible and ploughing on until it’s official drydock date. I think any of us whinging and complaining over this is insignificant, we are only having a port changed and a slight adjustment to our times in port, this is compared to the businesses in and around the port of St Thomas, they have lost close on 6000 potential customers trade every single week for months.
  14. Hi all, we are sailing on the Allure in a few weeks time and I’m trying to find out if our cabin has a proper double bed sized sofa-bed. I did a search on google but it only shows the Oasis room and in that image the it has a single chair type bed which wouldn’t be ideal for our disabled son. Oasis cabin
  15. I've just checked our Itinerary for the 12th May and 19th May cruises and our times of arrival and departure at each stop hasn't changed. I can only assume that either they intend to sort this before then or on our cruises with these stops they are able to stick to the same time slots.
  16. As far as I am aware in the UK we are charged the additional 18% when we purchase the drinks package so we aren’t hit with gratuity charges that those in the States do when you purchase the package.
  17. Thanks, I didn’t realise you did it in your order history. Another question : Do I need to reprint my set sail passes?
  18. If you already have the refreshments package but want to take advantage of the discount and upgrade to the deluxe package do you have to phone RC to cancel your existing package or can you do it in ‘manage my booking’?
  19. Quick question, I’ve paid my balance online and was wondering should RC send an email confirming payment because as of yet I haven’t received one.
  20. Ok, here’s another name that’s been brought to my attention.... Jiffy Jeff Transfers. The name was that corny I honestly thought no way would I use them but after looking reviews it seems they are a very well respected outfit. Currently waiting a quote but when you have a disabled person in your party it’s nice to hear from others so in the meantime has anyone used them and what’s your opinion.
  21. According to their website they DON’T cover Miami Airport or the hotels around it so they are a no-go for us on this occasion.
  22. Here's a question for you all, it appears to be cheaper to request 2 standard cars to collect us 3 than to go in the one XL. The wife and son could go in one with the wheelchair and single case whilst I take the other with the 2 cases.
  23. Would it be rude to ask what you paid or if this can't be done on the forum page could you PM me.
  24. I’ve never heard of them but after looking their website I think you are right, it doesn’t appear that they service Miami Airport or the hotels around it. The only limo service that has came back to me with a quote was Larryslimos, I have heard good things about them on here so will still consider them because of this despite the price difference.
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