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  1. Captain Kate again this morning came over the intercom to let us know that another vaccinated passenger has tested positive for Covid19. Same protocol as before, their family members and contract traced passengers are all in quarantine. She also mentioned that the covid patient they flew home last night is doing well at home. We've begun to see an increase in mask use by passengers and crew. We've seen no change in planned activities or changes to our intenery which is to be expected. Will continue to keep everyone updated if there are any new developments.
  2. No the cruise lines won't be shut down for low ratio outlying covid 19 incidents. This is the new world we live in.
  3. Spot on. That's what just happened. Transported home on behalf of Royal Carriben. Full expenses paid. Love ❤️ Celebrity and Royal.
  4. Just got word from Captain Kate that the reason we are late sailing away tonight is due to evacuation of the COVID-19 patient.
  5. Looks like our sail away is now delayed. We suspect the ambulance is indication of either something that happened in Cosomel or extraction of the positive covid 19 patient. Stay tuned
  6. No. But I think the app has geo tracking capabilities? Curious That's what I am thinking Maybe... An Ambulance JUST showed up..
  7. Wanted to share this with my friends on cruise critic first before the news media get a hold of this and spin it.. Despite a 95% vaccinated cruise ship, Captain Kate just announced that a vaccinated guest onboard Celebrity Edge tested positive for COVID 19 after reporting cold like symptoms to the medical center. Thankfully, the rest of the family travelling along with the passengers identified via contact tracing have all tested negative and have been put into isolation. The infected guest has been quarantined in the medical center. Will keep peeps informed if the situation changes..
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