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  1. English Jane

    Itinerary change - Reflection August '18

    We had already booked flights but luckily for the next day so we can take the extra night. Add that to minus £650 new price + $100 obc & we are very happy campers - love the 2 extra stops too! Looking forward to celebrating our 30th anniversary.
  2. In Monaco, walk up to the royal palace and the cathedral (where Princess Grace is buried) - perfect either square outside palace or steps of cathedral.
  3. English Jane

    Drinks card

    As a non-drinker, can I get any virgin cocktails with my 3 D drinks or will I have just soda & juice to choose from?
  4. [quote name='clarea']Navigator has a Diamond Lounge now. In addition to the drinks in the DL, you will get 3 driink vouchers per eveing, to be used at any bar during the DL cocktail period. You can bring two bottles on board, per stateroom, to be used anywhere on the ship without corkage fees. If you don't prepay tips, they are charged automatically to your onboard account on a daily basis. No smoking on balconies.[/QUOTE] Thank you - exactly the sort of information I am after. I don't really need a comparison - I went on a dozen or so Royal cruises and loved them all and then went on 4 X and slightly preferred them - just personal taste. Might be that there were less children - as I am round hundreds of them for work (and DO love them!), it is nice to have a slightly more adult down time.:D
  5. English Jane

    Hooray ! Splendour is Going

    Splendour & I shared our first cruise together!
  6. Good Morning friends, My husband and I had many happy cruises with RCI when our children were growing up. Now that they are 26 & 24 (:eek:), I have had to get used to spending time with my husband again (:rolleyes:). We have had 4 fantastic cruises on Celebrity and have found that to be our cruise line of choice nowadays As an educator, I can only holiday at certain times and I do love a bargain. I noticed (booked) Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy flights that I could afford with my air miles, then I realised (booked) that Delta fly from Atlanta to Miami and, blow me, I spotted (booked) a 5 nighter on Navigator that fitted in perfectly! What have I missed in the 5 or 6 years since I took a Royal cruise? Please bring me up to speed. We are diamond and are booked in 9578. Thank you in advance, Jane
  7. English Jane

    Silhouette cruise director

    Crossing fingers for 29th March too!!!
  8. English Jane

    2 day taster cruise on The Eclipse

    I totally agree - I'm a Headteacher so I can only sail in the hols!
  9. English Jane

    1st time on Celebrity - a few odd little question

    Thank-you for taking the trouble to answer. I'll be taking my Twinnings English Breakfast Teabags with me in the hope that I can pop them in a teapot in Blu. (Was actually FORCED to buy a new dress today when I saw that the style was 'Blu'!). I'm staying at Heathrow Tuesday then flying on Wednesday. I'll take the advice given and also book a taxi for around 11.30 on Saturday. I keep looking at the port webcam - exciting!!'m
  10. Good Morning! My husband and I will be sailing on Reflection on the 6th April. We are fortunate to be Elite however, due to numerous Royal Caribbean trips. We loved all our cruises but think that this might be a better fit for us because ... - we don't like announcements - we don't care for nightlife (outside the cabin :D) - we quite like fewer children around - only because I'm a Primary School headteacher - not because I don't like children! - some of the RC entertainment (quest etc.) is just not us But, I do have a few questions - other than the wealth of information you have all already provided - a few very little things that just add that individual 1% - I like the RC lemonade in the Windjammer - is that in the buffet? - What brands of tea are available and where? - what is the jam (US - jelly) like - I LOVE my tea and toast in the morning - Can I get toast if I breakfast in Blu (we are in AQ) - Can I get freshly-squeezed orange in Blu? Also, what is the story with embarkation times? I saw something about an e-mail - I haven't received one and I booked directly myself. I am staying at Hampton Inn before the cruise and had thought of a 10 am taxi - what is the latest advice? Thank-you in advance, Jane :)
  11. English Jane

    I'm British and I tip!!!

    I also cover my shoulders in Catholic churches, haggle in the souk, limit my public husband-kissing in Muslim countries, graciously smile when an American server tells me to 'Have a nice day' or similar (despite my natural British reserve) ... and so on. Travel broadens the mind - it's true that there isn't the same culture of tipping in the UK - I would tip only 3 groups - round up a couple of quid in a taxi, £2 added to my hairdresser or manicurist and 10% in a restaurant - but our American friends are different and part of the fun of travelling on a US cruise line is the ability to learn new cultural patterns. I asked some Americans on my first trip for tipping guidance - it was invaluable. I now visit my local post office before travelling to order a range of notes, maybe £200 or so in $ (they will get a range of small and large denominations for you) - $1 for a coke, $2 for a cocktail, $10 to a helpful server and at the end I split what I have left between the room and dining staff with a little leeway for preference. Unlike another poster, I DO consider this as part of the cost of my cruise - and what a small part it is. When in Rome ...
  12. English Jane

    Celebrity Reflection Trivia Contest !

    Not allowed to enter from the UK sadly. :rolleyes:
  13. English Jane

    What shops do you recommend in Westminster?

    [quote name='Cotswold Eagle']Harrods is a little out of the way from the Rubens (only one 'e' by the way!), but if you follow tom_uk's advice to head towards Regent Street, you could think about two other unique department stores, Liberty and Fortnum & Mason (which also has a great food hall). You could jump on the Tube one stop from Victoria to Green Park, walk along Piccadilly, passing the Ritz and taking in Fortnum & Mason, see Piccadilly Circus (which I remember was in your list), head up Regent Street, which will offer you Hamleys, the world famous toy store, as well as Liberty and numerous other shops (including an Apple Store and a Ferrari shop for the gentlemen :) ).You will end up at Oxford Circus, which is then two stops on the Tube back to Victoria. That's a combined sightseeing/shopping expedition![/QUOTE] Completely agree with above - just wanted to add that Liberty is BEST shop in the world!!!
  14. I'm on Mariner 25th August - any news for then please?
  15. English Jane

    From Emerald to Diamond while onboard

    Thank-you all for the replies. I did think as much - but there's no harm in asking! ;)