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  1. cruisinbuddy

    New Cuba Itineraries Available

    Be warned you have to buy some sort of visa to go there, CCL takes care of it, even for Canadians. My friends are going this summer, and asked about it. Also you can only get Cuban currency in Cuba. They, the stores, don't take US$. At the pier, there is a kiosk or office or what ever, and they are prepared for you, give them $50.00US and they'll give you the equivalent, minus a charge of course, + about $42.00 ish Cuban. For speed, use $50.00 increments.
  2. cruisinbuddy

    Best Hotel at Cape Canaveral

    Google goportcanaveral. We did that for our Feb cruise. There you can book hotel and transfers. We got a hotel in Titusville and transfers to and from the ship. They were awesome.
  3. Just like to know where people get these ideas?
  4. Name: Cynthia Message: People are writing on Cruise Critic that the perk for us diamonds to go to our cabin as soon as we get on the ships has been TAKEN AWAY. They are writing the higher ups at Carnival are ordering you to lie and deny until they're ready to take it public. TELL THE TRUTH – IS THIS A PERK THAT CARNIVAL WILL TAKE AWAY? IF IT YES SAY SO. STOP LYING. -------CRUISE LINE WILL MATCH OUR DIAMOND LEVEL BE WARNED! ----------------------------------------------------...------------------- I have answered 4 different posts about this today already so let me politely say two things. 1) - we have not and will not be changing the rule that allows Diamond and Platinum guests entrance to their cabins upon boarding. 2) “ ordering you to lie and deny until they're ready to take it public”. The beards have never and would never do this and if I was asked………..I would refuse. Oh and 3) FFS - -cant the people on the Cruise Criti boards find something to talk about apart from me……….how about the joys of cruising maybe? Cheers and thank you everyone for the loyalty that all of you show this brilliant cruise line.
  5. cruisinbuddy

    Pig and Anchor on Magic on Embarkation Day?

    When we were getting our S&S cards in Port Canaveral boarding the Magic, the lady taking care of us, said that The Pig & Anchor "might" be open, and it was. We met a friend from 2 years ago, (Sue my cruisewife), and she showed it to us. It was good, and included.
  6. cruisinbuddy

    How many days until your next Carnival Cruise?

    696 for us, woo hoo.
  7. cruisinbuddy

    New Diamond and Platinum Gift

    I'd be happy with it. I like free things. maybe good for excursions.
  8. cruisinbuddy

    Carnival Conquest 8nt Eastern Youtube GoPro Video

    Nice vid. Can't wait to sail the Conquest in Nov.
  9. I agree with you, especially the last line. When we were researching our Hawaii cruise, 15 days. We saw a 14 day P cruise for a lot more.
  10. mainly b/c they used to known for their short (booze) cruises. 3 and 4 day cruises, just one island. I've been on 6 CCL cruises, 2 P. and a few others. I've seen more fall down drunks on the snooty P cruises than on CCL.
  11. cruisinbuddy

    How Many Days until Next Carnival Cruise II

    264 on the Conquest.
  12. cruisinbuddy

    Is if FTTF worth it?

    FYI, it's now $79.99
  13. cruisinbuddy

    Cabin service only once a day??

    you have a choice, if you want am and pm you'll get it.
  14. cruisinbuddy

    Guy's Burgers

    No they don't. I was on the triumph about 6 weeks ago
  15. cruisinbuddy

    Call me Crazy, but....

    Exactly they way I think about my sailing in about the same amount of days.