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  1. Hi Katmu we loved cruising in early November. The weather was very good, holiday decorations just coming out in certain cities, a low crowds. Off season, in my opinion, is the way to go. We just booked for November of 2021 and I’m already counting the days (ok, months.....).
  2. We were on an AMA cruise just over a year ago. There were a few singles on the cruise. We invited one gentleman to each lunch with us and often saw him dining with other couples as well and joining in with different groups of people on excursions. The staff on board goes above and beyond, so although we went as a couple, I’m sure they strive to make solo travelers comfortable. As for the water levels, we did our Danube cruise in November. Water levels were fine until the end and we were bussed to Budapest. In the thread leading up to the cruise some trips in the summer and autumn were a real problem due to very low levels. That said, you never know depending upon snow and rain fall in the winter. When we were bussed to Budapest, we were put up in a five star hotel for the evening and although we had to pack everything to leave the boat a few days early and certainly missed the staff, AMA did everything possible to make the rest of the trip wonderful.
  3. Hello fellow Danube river cruisers. Just finished up on the AMA SERENA. Left vilshofen last Friday. All was great until Wednesday night. Bused Thursday from Bratislava to Budapest instead of sailing from Vienna to Budapest. Overnight hotel stay. AMA did what they could including a group lunch, lovely hotel, and dinner cruise on the Danube (illuminations cruise). We certainly missed the amazing staff and quality of food we had to leave behind due to the water levels. Weather for the week was fantastic, but that comes with a price of the water levels continuing to go down in certain areas.
  4. Can I pay my gratuities by using part of my on board credit?
  5. Has anyone heard of any scheduling changes for AMA Danube river cruises due to water levels? We have approximately a month to go before we leave. I know so much can change in that time frame. Just wondering what (if anything) AMA did to change itineraries. Hoping for lots and lots of rain for the next few weeks.
  6. Thanks to everyone who responded! I really appreciate the information.
  7. Can anyone tell me how people dress for excursions and meals. My husband saw an advertisement for a different river cruise line and people seemed dressed to the nines for both. Is there time to change when you return from an excursion for dinner?
  8. Hi Barbara Could I trouble you to email them to me please Shonemanfamily@comcast.net Thanks so much Can’t wait to go Meryl
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