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  1. Good early morning to all from St Louis! Been a busy week here what with teaching Vacation Bible School, my last trial dose on Wednesday and, yesterday, a home visit to be measured for an electric wheelchair. I’ve tried to keep up, but haven’t responded much. Love the three days. My father-in-law has been gone since 1980. He was a wonderful man and he had such fun with his two granddaughters. His other grandkids all were born and living in St. Paul MN, so he lavished a lot of attention on my two; we only lived about 5 minutes apart. I just chatted the other day with my
  2. Just checking back in this afternoon. I had heard of Petra, but had no idea of it’s strange beauty. It had not been on my bucket list and unfortunately between the walking and the heat, I’ll probably not make it there, but thanks to those who shared pictures, they were stunning. I could not find a picture of my DBIL on stilts, but I am sharing a photo I did find, kind of what he looked like. Plasterers are much in demand for some of our oldest, most beautiful buildings here in St Louis. There are not as many craftsmen as there used to be. My DBIL is retired now, but some years ago
  3. Good morning all! Doing more reading than writing here the last few days. We drove home from Branson MO on Sunday and yesterday I rode my scooter into church to help teach Vacation Bible School. Quite exhausting to be around 30+ kids from preschool age to 3rd grade, but so fun to watch. We were requiring masks for the kids (even the preschoolers) before our county reinstated our mask mandate (oh the angry pushback on that!). The kids are troopers, obviously used to wearing them from in person school. A few wore them under their nose (copying mom and dad perhaps) and only one little gir
  4. Duh, I didn’t even think of that. I picked up my IPhone, grabbed that app out of the Cloud and there it was. It was so long since I looked at it, I had trouble remembering my password 😢. St Louis Sal
  5. Apparently they didn’t get the memo about the bee proof ports. And now they are showing off their best side. 😂 St Louis Sal
  6. Me at breakfast, to DH: I know we haven’t finished breakfast, but what do you want for dinner? St Louis Sal
  7. @LAFFNVEGASsorry to hear there was no special embarkation lunch. But I do like the new things on the MDR lunch menu (and my DD’s who are vegetarian or really pescatarian were very excited). I feel like I’m right there with you (have been on the Nieuw Amsterdam several times). But please sit back and relax and let it wash over you sometimes. I always promise myself not to observe my entire vacation through the lens of my camera. Take care, have a blast and thanks for sharing this special trip, St Louis Sal
  8. Just caught a little of the livestream. Arnold Donald was boarding although I thought he was going on Princess. Maybe just a welcome and then disembarking? It was fun to watch. Not going to lie, I shed a tear of happiness for all of them.
  9. Just an FYI, they will bring you a birthday cake, but honestly, it’s the same as you get in the main dining room, and the Pinnacle desserts are way better. We got a cake (and the birthday song) for oldest DD’s birthday and then had no room for the Pinnacle goodies. I’d ask for a serenade without the cake. St Louis Sal
  10. I can touch type on my keyboard, but have to watch my fingers typing on my IPHONE. Sometimes I type an entire paragraph only to look up and say, “whoa, I didn’t say THAT!” St Louis Sal
  11. Excited to see the newer menus, lots of things I’d like to try. My husband and I always do the MDR for breakfast (or the Pinnacle if we are lucky enough to be in a NS). I just don’t enjoy the hustle of the Lido for breakfast. I love being served 😉 my coffee and maybe a chocolate croissant. I will say that no DR waiter has ever served me my requested 2 slices of bacon for breakfast. Either they or the kitchen staff think I look more like a 4 slices of bacon kind of woman. My DDs are vegetarians (actually pescatarians) so these menu changes will make them very happy. Take
  12. Good morning all! Yesterday was a rolling mix of showers, sun, thunderstorms and more sun. At one point I was on the deck talking to my oldest DD on the phone when a lightning bolt came out of nowhere! Bad day for the golfers I think. Caviar is an acquired taste and given it’s cost, best not to like it too much. Ice cream day is quite frequent around here 😉. I do not even swim so much admire women divers. Dinner and wine sound good. No to the Bloody Mary. Tomato juice has it’s place, but not in my mixed drink and I prefer my celery and other veggies in a salad.
  13. Good morning all! It’s a rainy, thundering morning here in Branson, a good day to be lazy. We had isolated showers yesterday as we drove down, isolated as in the rain cloud was right above our car, but we could see sunshine all around us! I love spinach, cooked or in a salad. Snakes 😱! Hate when I’m working in the garden and one slithers out of the ivy. Most are not poisonous and good for the environment, but we do have copperheads here (accidentally ran over one with the riding lawnmower one day). As for rural transit, the issue seems to be the lack of it in some plac
  14. Found my pic, actually a video, I will share. Hope the motion isn’t too bad, it was the choppiest we’ve ever experienced in Sitka. I am always amazed at the pictures I get from my cellphone, hardly bother with a camera anymore. St Louis Sal C7834683-3715-4D30-BA0F-E6C62FC57253.MOV
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