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  1. We will be traveling to Iceland on NCL 4/16/2021 Blue Lagoon is on my bucket list but i dont see that any tours offered by the cruise line. we are there from 8AM 4/23 - 3PM 4/24 . What would be our options for BL on the 2nd day on our own ? Thank you as always
  2. We are also booked on the TA 4/16/2021 Does anyone know if there is a rest room on the bus as we will be traveling with my elderly mother. We are looking at the paris / river -lunch tour Thank you
  3. Thank you all for the replies looks like ill stick with the 2 bdr
  4. I have a question concerning the 2 bedroom suite on NCL star. Would the 2nd bedroom bed be adequate for one adult. We are booked on the April 16d 2021 to Southampton UK from NYC. would like to take mom with but hard to tell from pics what comfort level the 2nd offers. About the same price can get 2 mini suites Thank you Mark
  5. I was reading an article today that said the 3 top cruise lines do not pay any US taxes.. If this is in fact true I don’t feel we as tax payers owe them anything.
  6. On the Brilliance now on TA. no disconnects but surf and stream is not worth the cost. Streaming is pretty much just YouTube. Endless load time trying to use Netflix etc. Email and basic web browsing is OK
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