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  1. THANKS EVERYONE!! The good news - it only took 20 minutes in and out at the Philly office this morning. The so-so news - I can't pick it up until next Tuesday, but that's plenty of time before I leave on Thursday to head south. I'm good to go for another 10 years, albeit with a horrible photo! Once again thanks...and happy sailing everyone.
  2. Hi all - RamblinRisa - appreciate the Philly specific information! Rothbury - yes, thank heavens the passport offices are still open! BrightyB - most appreciative for the info from a HAL checkin agent. Zqvol - it expires in May 2019. Thank you EVERYONE for the info...as I said before, I didn't check my passport because HAL already had it on file, so I didn't have to enter it in online check-in. It wasn't until last week that I said "unh-oh" when I looked at it, and realized that it was set to expire in May 2019. I have another international trip in February, so I'm just going to go to my appointment and get it taken care of, and it sounds like I have a good chance to get it in one day. Really appreciate everyone's help, and also appreciate all the other info that I read on the boards.
  3. Thanks Oakridger...that's good to know...I'll certainly know by this time tomorrow!
  4. Thanks again...I'm close to Philly so I am going to go to the appointment. According to the State Department's website it's an extra $60.00 in addition to regular renewal fees. I did notice, however, that some of the companies that offer to do it quickly are very expensive - $400.00 and up. I called the number on the State Department's website and was told that they will "work with me" to expedite my passport in time for my departure. He also said that dependent on how busy they are, I may even be able to get same day (but I personally highly doubt that will happen). I just wondered if anyone else had experience going directly to a passport center, and how long it took.
  5. Just 7 days Razzinger, but I thought you needed a birth certificate to accompany the driver's license? Thanks for your answer.
  6. First...please don't judge, my bad for not paying attention to my passport expiration date, but I noticed at the last minute that my passport expired five months from my cruise. I have an appointment tomorrow at the Philly passport center for people who leave the country in less than two weeks. I leave for Ft. Lauderdale next Thursday (for Saturday's Oosterdam sailing). Does anyone know if I will get my passport renewed in time since I have an appointment at the issuing center? If not, a very expensive vacation just went up in smoke. Would appreciate any help anyone could give.
  7. You're welcome...I know if we were trying to leave today we would want to know.
  8. Thank heavens we only live an hour from the port! Just finished the lunch that the new folks were supposed to have!:')
  9. Trip has been great... except for Mother Nature! Latest news from the Captain is we now are delayed at pulling alongside the dock until 4 pm. We hit tremendous winds and waves around midnight, which slowed us down, but kudos to the Captain for putting safety first.
  10. Just a quick note to let those of you scheduled to head out tomorrow, due to the high winds and waves, the Captain has chosen to take a longer route by hugging the coast line. He just announced that he thinks we will pull into the port between 2-3 Sunday afternoon. If I hear any update, I'll repost.
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