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  1. Suggestion, since your deadline (final payment?) is the 13th you should call. Prices could go up and email responses take forever.
  2. It definitely wasn’t crowded when we were there last year. Had a cabana but it was almost always getting hammered by the sun, so ended up on a lounger with an umbrella most of the time. Have a great cruise!
  3. Tiffany if it’s costing you $99+$209*2= $517 for Vibe passes I’m not sure it’s worth it. We loved Vibe when it was $99 pp and it was the great race to get them.
  4. If you’re referring to the Haven restaurant, absolutely! Delivered In suite, then no.
  5. No. Not sure what PDP is but no package allows buckets of beer.
  6. Joy has Concierge cabins not found on the Bliss. Larger cabin, exclusive dining for breakfast and lunch, early boarding and access to a concierge.
  7. You are probably better off to call or email the pre-concierge and ask for a list of amenities. They are changing amenities for some suite categories late next year.
  8. I found a list for H2, H3, SA, SB. Are you booked in on of these categories?
  9. Lately they have been cutting Haven prices like crazy. Seems like they have decided to fill cabins by cutting the price rather than fulfilling bids.
  10. Sounds like you had a great time! Talking to management face to face is the best way to express your concerns, but that’s kinda scary for some. Much easier to go to the internet.
  11. Looks like they sailed Jade 8/1. Thanks for the comparison OP!
  12. Other than lobster bisque or salmon with lobster sauce, no.
  13. Premium Plus receives 40% discount on Louis XIII .
  14. Ordering a Grey Goose and tonic does not push it over the limit. You can order any cocktail and specify any liquor that’s under $15 without an up charge. An exception would be the Chocolate Martini or coffee based cocktails.
  15. Love the Nespresso pod eyes. Thanks for another fabulous Live Report Bird!
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