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  1. We just did that today. We had reservations for tomorrow but decided to go today. Arrived at 8:50 today and exchanged them for 9:15 today instead of 11am tomorrow.
  2. Thanks, great tips. We leave in 8 days!
  3. Wonderful review! We cruise on 3/7, and after reading your review I'm more excited then ever! Being from the east coast, we are breaking up the flights as well, staying in San Francisco for a couple of days with our son and his family.
  4. Did you have enough time to hike Diamond Head before checking out of your hotel on Saturday? I was thinking of doing that so we could get back to the room and clean up before boarding the ship?
  5. It doesn’t seem necessary to me to tell someone that there are 734 responses and that they didn’t follow directions. Under normal circumstances I probably would have noticed the requirements. But between working full time, caring for my daughters toddlers and dealing with a cancer diagnosis my plate has been a little full lately. Sorry I’ve wasted your time responding to number 735.
  6. It’s responses like this that make me and others hesitate to ask questions here. I’m sorry if I bothered you.
  7. I was surprised when I booked excursions through NCL on the website. I was required to pay in full. The charges showed up on my credit card. How does the $50 per port credit get applied if I've already paid full price?
  8. Enjoyed your review, one question if you're still monitoring this thread. We will be going to kalapaki beach as well. Do you recall if they have beach chairs to rent? Were there public restrooms available? Thanks.
  9. Received flight information today along with the edocs. We are 59 days out. Our flights from SFO to HON are free and we paid for our round trip air from RI to SFO. We're fortunate that our son lives in San Francisco so we can stay with them for a few days to help us adjust to the time change. Home Departure City - San Francisco Arrival/Destination City - Honolulu Airline(s) used - UA Number of Connections - None Outbound Flight departure/arrival time - 9:00am/12:39pm Return Flight departure/arrival time - 2:50pm/11:04pm Did You Pay for a Deviation (before or after cruise)? Yes $50 # of Days Prior to Departure Flights Were Ticketed? 2 Very happy with flight times. Does anyone know what type aircraft United uses from SFO to HON?
  10. We're staying at the Outrigger Reef Beach Resort pre cruise. I called them today asking about the best way to get to PH. The concierge said the bus is the cheapest but it can take 1 1/2 hours because of all the stops. She said Uber or Lyft is only about 30 minutes or so. Can the bus really take that long?
  11. Tutone56

    Maui Whale Watch

    We are on the POA in March and will have 2 days in Maui, docking in Kahului. We'd like to do a whale watch on our second day. I haven't seen any that originate in Kahului so I was considering taking one out of Lahaina. Any suggestions on a tour operator? Also, what is the easiest way to get there, looks to be about 35 minutes. I'm sure there is a ship excursion but I thought we might be able to do this on our own, thanks.
  12. Thanks fstuff1 - I already have a mid ship balcony on the POA in March. I've read that since the cruise is so port intensive, I wouldn't be spending much time in the room. That's why I was considering OBC. Maybe next cruise I'll upgrade 😁.
  13. I would say no one has started a roll call yet. You could start one yourself or wait until someone else starts it.
  14. This topic currently has 193 pages so forgive me if this was asked. I would like to redeem 25,000 points for $250 dollars of OBC. It's been a long time since I've done this. I don't want to mess this up so how do I go about redeeming the points for my cruise to Hawaii in March? Thank you!
  15. My Edocs's show they are ready to be printed but I'm getting the message " The reservation is not yet READY to be retrieved. Try again". I read that others were having the same issue and were told a number of different reasons by NCL. I called them last night and they said it's because my airline flights haven't been finalized yet, which should happen around 40 days out. I made my final payment on 11/6 and I'm about 80 days out. Should I wait or, as others did, call technical support?
  16. Thanks for posting, looking forward to more! We're going in March, still trying to figure out what excursions to take so you review is very helpful!
  17. That's the way I was leaning, thanks Bird.
  18. Hi all - I just received an email to bid on an upgrade for our upcoming cruise on POA in March. We currently have a mid-ship balcony on deck 9. If I bid on anything it would be on a penthouse suite with large balcony. Minimum bid is $600 per person. I've never gone through this process before so I guess I was looking for a little guidance. The normal balcony rooms are small compared to other ships in the fleet so the extra space would be nice. But then again I heard you don't spend a lot of time on the ship because the cruise is so port intensive. So there you have it. What would you do, and if I were to bid, how much above the minimum would I need to bid (I realize this could vary) Thanks for your input.
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